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  1. The Freebase E-juice VS Salt E-liquid Conundrum

    The Freebase E-juice VS Salt E-liquid Conundrum
    As you all may have noticed, salt e-liquid in the vaping industry has increasingly become more popular than freebase e-juice. What’s the difference, really? Well, we’re gonna fill you up with some facts and let you know...
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  2. Reeling It All In: Building the Vaper Code!

     Reeling It All In: Building the Vaper Code!
    Vaping is fun, we enjoy the flavors, the satisfaction and the devices that are ever changing to make vaping even more fun that it already is. Plus, we all feel grateful for having made a change in our lives so successfully. We feel healthier, ready to...
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  3. Top 10 Most Wanted List: Best Salt Nicotine eLiquids

    Top 10 Most Wanted List: Best Salt Nicotine eLiquids
    We at CSVAPE have put together a top ten most wanted salt e-liquid list for all you out there looking for something new and tasty for your low wattage refillable devices. Now keep in mind, this isn’t a Ricky Bobby list that “if you ain’t first, you’re last”, okay? We’re gonna just lay it all out by flavor profile and leave it up to you all to decide what order these delectable e-liquids deserve to be in. But, it seems as if the statistics are accurate, the top flavor profiles are still Fruit, Tobacco and Menthol. Since Fruit is the all time winner so far, we’ll start with those flavors and just move on down the list. Ready to dive in?
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  4. How Does JUUL Measure Up To Open Pod Systems Like The Vagon?

    juul-vs-vagon Like the Juul, the Vagon comes fully charged out of the box. It has some significant weight to it, yet It is still light at 56g, but it does not feel as cheap as the JUUL. It is made out of zinc alloy and is contoured nicely to fit a multitude of ways in your...
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  5. 5 Essential Salt Devices That Won’t Let You Down!

    5 Essential Salt Devices That Won’t Let You Down!
    When it comes to choosing our low wattage devices for salt based liquids, we at CSVAPE don’t take our decision making very lightly...
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  6. VGOD Releases New Pro Mech Kit 2 Camo Series

    VGOD Releases New Pro Mech Kit 2 Camo Series
    VGOD has released three new colors for their Pro Mech 2 Kit. They took the tactical look a step further and made the Delrin sleeves with a colored camouflaged design. The three new colors to choose...
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  7. The Suorin Struggle: The Air VS the Vagon

    The Suorin Struggle: The Air VS the Vagon
    Suorin has built an excellent reputation for themselves with their creatively designed refillable pod systems. They have set the bar high to provide quality constructed reliable...
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  8. FDA Extends Grants Vapers More Time To Comment On Flavor Regulation To July 19th!

    Calling all Vaper’s out there! The FDA has granted a 30 day extension on submissions for comments regarding Flavor Regulation! If you have not been able to submit your sentiments, you still have an opportunity to do so! Go to the Federal Register now and pour your heart out!

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  9. VGOD Adds Another Kit To Their Pro Series - Pro 200 Kit

    At CSVAPE, we have an incredible selection of vape hardware. We hand pick each device for numerous reasons. Quality is of the utmost importance, so we will only stock the best in the industry. We would not sell any device that we could not stand behind and that is why you will always find VGOD products at CSVAPE. The construction and designs of their devices and e-juice are all built to last, hit hard and are of superior quality ingredients.

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  10. Make Your Opinions Matter To The FDA!

    Time is running out to be able to share your sentiments to the FDA regarding the efforts they are making to reduce tobacco usage among youths by addressing how flavors plays a role in introducing tobacco usage. The deadline to make an official comment on the Federal Register is midnight Eastern time at the end of June 19th, which is a Tuesday and not that far away. Everyone who enjoys vaping should absolutely take the time and make the effort to submit their thoughts regarding flavor regulation and a possible impending ban. Sure, flavors will not disappear overnight, but in the years to come it certainly may become more and more difficult to access the flavors you have come to know and love. The amount of flavorful delicious premium e-juice sold today is bountiful and overflowing, but can you imagine a day when there is a limitation to what flavors you will be able to vape? It is literally unimaginable, right?
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