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  1. FDA Extends Grants Vapers More Time To Comment On Flavor Regulation To July 19th!

    Calling all Vaper’s out there! The FDA has granted a 30 day extension on submissions for comments regarding Flavor Regulation! If you have not been able to submit your sentiments, you still have an opportunity to do so! Go to the Federal Register now and pour your heart out!

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  2. VGOD Adds Another Kit To Their Pro Series - Pro 200 Kit

    At CSVAPE, we have an incredible selection of vape hardware. We hand pick each device for numerous reasons. Quality is of the utmost importance, so we will only stock the best in the industry. We would not sell any device that we could not stand behind and that is why you will always find VGOD products at CSVAPE. The construction and designs of their devices and e-juice are all built to last, hit hard and are of superior quality ingredients.

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  3. Make Your Opinions Matter To The FDA!

    Time is running out to be able to share your sentiments to the FDA regarding the efforts they are making to reduce tobacco usage among youths by addressing how flavors plays a role in introducing tobacco usage. The deadline to make an official comment on the Federal Register is midnight Eastern time at the end of June 19th, which is a Tuesday and not that far away. Everyone who enjoys vaping should absolutely take the time and make the effort to submit their thoughts regarding flavor regulation and a possible impending ban. Sure, flavors will not disappear overnight, but in the years to come it certainly may become more and more difficult to access the flavors you have come to know and love. The amount of flavorful delicious premium e-juice sold today is bountiful and overflowing, but can you imagine a day when there is a limitation to what flavors you will be able to vape? It is literally unimaginable, right?
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  4. CSVAPE Now Has VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton

    Have you guys been looking for the latest and greatest in wicking potential for your awesome new vape setup? Well, VGOD is always trying to stay ahead of the game and bring you the absolute best for amazing vape experiences. That is why they teamed up with Native Wicks to bring you the absolute best in cotton! It is homegrown in the USA and is a purely organic Pima cotton blend. It is manufactured in a CGMP certified facility and is guaranteed to be free of any unwanted impurities.

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  5. VGOD’s Berry Bomb Erupts With Classic Sour Strawberry Belt Flavor!

    VGOD mixologists are always up to mixing flavors non-stop over at the VGOD Headquarters. Naturally they been working hard on delivering another great flavor for their newest series of premium e-juices they’re calling the Bomb Line. The second flavor to be released is a sour strawberry belt flavor called Berry Bomb. Just like the Apple Bomb before it, VGOD mixologists have created Berry Bomb to be candylike because of the sour belt aspect of the e-juice, but didn’t douse it with too much candied strawberry flavor as the base flavor.

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  6. VGOD Releases All New Apple Bomb From Their New Bomb Line!

    Apple Bomb

    We got some great news everyone! In case you all haven’t heard, VGOD is launching a whole new e-juice line! They’re calling it the Bomb Line. They passed us a few samples of the first e-juice to be released called the Apple Bomb, a sour apple belt flavor. We were pretty pleasantly surprised to see that VGOD was somehow inspired to make an sour apple flavor. They have all kinds of fruity flavors, but not apple, so it’s exciting times for all apple flavor lovers!

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  7. Stig Disposable Pod Device

    We recently examined some new fabulous pod devices and all their features.But, we just caught wind of another great pod system that we thought you all should know about because it is the most convenient disposable all-in-one pod device coming to the market. This new groundbreaking device is called the STIG. It’s like stick and cig combined to make STIG. Clever, right? Well, it is going to take the world by storm because it is so easy to use and it tastes so great, it’s just absurd.

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  8. New Pod Devices Available Now! - April 2018

    Are you wondering which pod system is the newest and hottest out in the market these days? The main question we should be asking is what has been improved and how are they changing the vape community? We all want to know which one is best for ourselves based on features and design. So, we are going to be discussing the newest pod systems available and how they may fit your specific lifestyle. Below are 5 of the newest pod systems on the market and what they can do for you!

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  9. VGOD’s Cubano Silver Coming Soon!

    VGOD Cubano Silver

    VGOD is taking their famously acclaimed Cubano line to a whole other level with the release of the Cubano Silver. No one could have probably seen this coming, but here we are and we just gotta ask, how can greatness become greater? I mean the original Cubano and the Cubano Black are amazing all day vapes. They’re bomb with coffee in the morning. Bomb after a good meal. Bomb late at night with some scotch by the fire or under the stars. Basically any time, any where, you know? They’re clearly different from each other in flavor and equally as awesome, but for different reasons. Both are full flavor to the max Cuban cigar tobacco, but the Cubano is just so buttery and smooth, whereas the Cubano Black is just a toastier, more bold flavor.

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  10. Mate1 by Vapeccino


    Some of you may have heard of the new pod system from Vapeccino called the Mate1. It’s a very unique pod system with features you’re going to want to hear about! If you all don’t know, Vapeccino is known for manufacturing e-cigarettes that are minimalist in design that offer a purer taste for a more distinguished vaping experience. We will be reviewing Mate1 and its’ special features including specifications, functionalities and the assortment of pod styles offered.

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