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VGOD Coil Feenz Coils are Constructed of the Highest Quality Metals. These coils are second to none! Ramp up time is greatly increased and does not require Temperature Control Mode. All Coil Feenz are sterilized of impurities for the Safest and Cleanest possible vaping Experience! Enjoy a pack of VGOD Coil Feenz Coils!Coil Specs:
  • Framed Staples W40: 40(N80)/6 x 0.3(N80) - 2 x 28(N80) (.12 - .13 Ω)
  • Framed Staples W46: 46(N80)/6 x 0.3(N80) - 2 x 28(N80) (.12 - .13 Ω)
  • Alien Framed Staples: 36(N80)/6 x 0.3(N80) - 2 x 28(N80) (.12 - .13 Ω)
  • Alien V(5-Wrap): 38(N80)/3 x 28(N80) (.15 - .16 Ω)
  • Alien VII(7-Wrap): 38(N80)/3 x 28(N80) (.21 - .22 Ω)
Included in Box:
  • (2x) Coil Feenz Coils
  • 20 Strands of 100% Japanese Organic Cotton

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