VGOD Peach Green Tea

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With this flavor, the green tea is the foundation while still not forgetting to give you those sweet peach notes on the exhale. The combination of the two flavors will definitely make it your all day vape! VGOD continues to bring us wonderful flavors and they seem to get better and better every day. PGT is one of those flavors you can put into any device, whether you have a smaller mouth-to-lung device or a high caliber lung hit device. Do you like to drip? If you are a fan of RDAs, dripping this flavor is something out of this world! This flavor is formulated perfectly to give you the best of both worlds on flavor profile and vapor production. It’s definitely a good flavor for some, but an all-day-vape for most! If you want to cater to your coils with a flavors that’s a little different than your norm, PGT is one of them. Pick up a bottle for yourself and enjoy the new Peach Green Tea by VGOD!

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