Wacky Taffy E-juice by VGOD 3-Pack

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Wacky Taffy E-Juice is Proud to present the Combo Pack! Featuring Three Rich Taffy Flavors. Green, Orange, and Yellow will take you to another planet full of Fruits and Chewy Taffy Candy! Enjoy the Wacky Taffy E-Juice Trio-Pack and Experience Taffy like Never Before!Yellow Wacky Taffy is an intoxicating Honey Dew Melon stuffed into a fresh piece of Sweet and Chewy Taffy Candy to create a great all-day vape! Enjoy a Bottle of Yellow Wacky Taffy!Orange Wacky Taffy resembles the Rich Flavor of a Citrus packed Mango combined with a Sweet and Chewy Taffy Candy! Enjoy a Bottle of Orange Wacky Taffy!Green Wacky Taffy
E-Juice is a Delectable, Sweet and Chewy Original Salt Water Taffy Flavor without all the calories! Enjoy a Bottle of Green Wacky Taffy E-Juice!

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