Youth Prevention

Cloudscape, Inc., was established for the purpose of ensuring accessibility to vaping products for those interested in switching their habit from combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. We are dedicated to helping people change their lives and have created a space for guidance on vape products and for recreational use. That being said, we are absolutely aware of the struggle to combat underage usage of vaping products. At Cloudscape we are fully committed to following California state law that restricts sales of electronic cigarettes to those under the age of 21. Our staff is fully aware and in compliance with the requirement to request customer identification prior to completing any transaction.

In addition, the Cloudscape website has established the following procedural measures to combat underage usage:

Cloudscape utilizes verification technology for all purchases on the CSVAPE website to restrict anyone under the legal age from attempting to complete a transaction. Cloudscape does not knowingly collect any data from anyone underage in accordance with our Children’s Privacy Policy clause included in our Terms and Conditions. Cloudscape always demonstrates responsible marketing techniques that does not specifically appeal to or engage youths on all of our advertising and social media.

Cloudscape Inc. is dedicated to do our best to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of underaged individuals. In addition, we believe that parental guidance and education is also necessary to detract from underage usage. We suggest the following:

Educate yourself as to the several varieties of electronic cigarettes and the liquids they may contain to understand what signs to look for to distinguish whether or not your child may be using electronic cigarettes.

Take the opportunity to discuss with your child the adverse consequences of nicotine usage, so that they understand the impact of their decision to use nicotine. Consider storing your atm cards, credit cards and identification card in a place where your child will not have immediate access to them.

We appreciate your feedback or if you have any questions/concerns, please contact us at

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