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Vaping As An Alternative To Smoking


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Quit Smoking Today

Quit Smoking Today


A Surgeon General report on smoking from 2014, reported that about 16 million Americans are living with smoking related diseases and about 480,000 of them die each year. Many years of scientific studies throughout the world have proven that smoking causes significant health concerns.

Vaping is legitimately a much safer alternative to smoking. When vaping, combustion of tobacco leaves that reacts with thousands of chemicals are eliminated. For that reason, vapers are not exposed to the abundance of carcinogens that are in cigarettes.

CSVAPE believes that vaping is a viable substitute to smoking that has successfully assisted millions of smokers to quit altogether. It is our goal to simplify this transition by making the decision to switch the habit easy, as well as cost effective. Vaping is the key to helping you quit for good so you can enjoy a new healthier lifestyle.


CSVAPE is committed to help you quit smoking! We will always help you choose the right vaping product with the simplest of low costing start up kits that will emulate your smoking experience without the necessity of combustion.

If you smoke regularly, choose an e-liquid with a higher nicotine content level to ensure satisfaction. Choose e-liquid flavors that you naturally enjoy in your everyday life. There are also many simplistic tobacco and menthol flavored e-liquids if you prefer to stick with something that you are familiar with.

Everyone has their own journey. Remember to give yourself time. There are stages in making this transition. You will feel the difference and know when you are ready to scale down on the nicotine content. Your dependance will decrease and eventually you will be ready to decide to continue vaping minimally or just simply quit altogether. Read More


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Alternative To Smoking

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Slices Of Savvy With CSVAPE

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