Suorin air

Suorin Air - Ultra Portable Vape Pod


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The Suorin Air is a sleek and portable pod that is a perfect all in one system to enjoy nic salts e-liquid. The Suorin Air is an excellent choice for those who prefer to be more discreet when vaping or who need a reliable backup for those moments they do not have the opportunity to carry a larger mod. It is compact, so it fits in your hand nicely or in your pocket and is smooth to the touch.


There are no buttons or complicated settings required for the Suorin Air. It is an on draw activated, mouth to lung device that is easy to use and delivers tasty satisfying throat hits. It has a 400 mAh rechargeable battery that remains reliable throughout an entire day and can be recharged via USB cable. The Suorin Air can still be used at the same time that it is charging. Suorin Air is perfectly compatible with salt nicotine vape juice.It has a refillable pod with a 2ml tank that is easy to fill and refill. The only requirement for this outstanding pod system is that when using a new pod, one must remember to carefully prime the cotton by filling the pod and allowing for it to soak with e-liquid for 5-10 minutes before it can be enjoyed.

suorin air pod system

Pods are good for 3-5 refills and then must be replaced to optimize full flavor enjoyment. Having multiple pods for your Suorin Air makes it easy to switch between flavors throughout the day.