18650 battery

18650 Vape Batteries


 18650 battery

Batteries Are Not Always Included

Vape mods are battery operated and need a decent amount of power to operate to their fullest extent. The 18650 battery has been the most preferred option for a full vape experience that offers a great amount of power for gratifying amounts of vapor production. Built in batteries are often an option, but that just means that one day your mod will eventually become unable to hold a charge. In that regard, a mod that requires batteries will always outlast all the others with built in batteries. One should take this into consideration when determining which mod to purchase. 18650 batteries are easily replaceable when they are no longer able to hold a good charge and they allow for a better vaping experience when it comes to performance and control over your mod.

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How Do You Know

Understanding the 18650 battery is necessary to knowing why one should not settle for a lesser quality battery. There is battery chemistry and the 18650 produces 3.7v and charges until it reaches 4.2v. It is a lithium battery with an nickel positive ion. It will always have a round shape, but will vary in mAh and voltage. When you’re considering buying 18650 batteries always consider the brand. Sony and Samsung remain at the top for quality. Always remember that rewrapped batteries are predominantly cells that did not pass quality tests from the original manufacturer and should always be carefully considered when purchasing your batteries. For those that prefer high wattage vaping always make sure that the batteries you purchase can deliver high currents, but can manage heat well.

 18650 battery

Quality Overrules

One should always get the best quality battery due to output, capacity and most of all, safety. Your safety is of the utmost of importance. For most instances, the 18650 battery is the preferred battery and has become an industry standard. When you are choosing batteries, please, do not allow price point to overrule all other aspects of your decision. Lowered standards for 18650 battery vape purposes is definitely not the way to go. Your vaping experience can be significantly altered and we at CSVAPE do not want this! CSVAPE only offers high quality 18650 batteries and will not settle for anything less. Always bare in mind that the best batteries will be the those that operate at high voltages for long periods of time, but also will operate at a cooler temperature.