suorin drop

SUORIN Drop - Ultra Portable Vape Kit


suorin drop vape pod

A uniquely shaped all in one mini pod system, the Suorin Drop is easy to use and versatile with refillable cartridges for your nic salt indulgence. Constructed in the shape of a teardrop, the Suorin Drop is sleek and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand or easily in your pocket.

The Suorin Drop is low wattage and has an air pressure sensor draw to activate firing. It has a very dependable built in 310mAh battery for all day usage, yet it can still be activated and enjoyed while being charged. The Suorin Drop charges very quickly via its’ micro USB port and Sourin has also included a hidden LED that indicates battery status that can be seen while the Suorin Drop is being activated.


Suorin Drop cartridges can hold up to 2ml of the e-liquid of your choice. Additional cartridges are recommended to be able to switch e-liquid flavors easily. The only requirement for this outstanding pod system is that when using a new cartridge, one must remember to carefully prime the cotton by filling the cartridge with your desired e-liquid and then allowing for the cotton to soak for 5-10 minutes before it can be enjoyed. Pods are good for 3-5 refills and then must be replaced to optimize full flavor enjoyment.

suorin drop vape kit

The Suorin Drop has been made in a multitude of color choices to correspond to your personal sense of style. Purchase your Suorin Drop at CSVAPE today and enjoy a tasty and easy way to vape your favorite e-liquids. And, don’t forget to add additional refillable cartridges to your cart to enjoy multiple flavors throughout your day!