JustFog MiniFit Review

Just Fog MiniFit Kit

Just Fog MiniFit

An Ultra Portable Device

The MINIFIT Kit, by Just Fog, is an incredibly tiny portable pod device consisting of a battery and a mini pod. The pod measures at 7.9cm in length and is indeed tiny. It is made from aluminum with a clean matte finish and is durable for its’ size. The sleek fire button is wide at the top then slims down flush in the middle of the tiny device. This enables the user to activate the MINIFIT easily no matter how the device is held.

MINIFIT Replaceable Pod

The MINIFIT pod measures at 21mm x 15mm x 28mm and weighs next to nothing at 3.8g. It has a 1.5ml e-liquid tank and has a 1.6Ω coil capacity. Just Fog has used Japanese organic cotton for superior flavor. The pod has a very secure hatch, for filling e-liquid, that flips open easily and closes flush at the base of the pod. Underneath the hatch are two very small inlets that allow the e-liquid to drain into the tank. The MINIFIT pod also has two air holes below the mouthpiece for proper air flow.

Steady Output

The MINIFIT has a built in 370mAh Li-ion battery that measures at 21mm x 15mm x 51 and weighs 16g. The battery has a consistent voltage output function that will stay at a constant 3.4v despite battery charge level. The MINIFIT device has a three level light battery indicator to let you know how much charge your battery has left when you press the fire button. Three LEDs will light up when the battery is at 100% to 70%, two will remain lit from 70% to 30% and one indicates 30% battery life is remaining. When only one LED lights up and blinks four times, this indicates that the battery is nearly discharged. The battery on the JustFog MiniFit has many other indicator functions and several safety functions to ensure that the pod will not overheat, short circuit or go beyond the set voltage.

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Just Fog MiniFit


The MINIFIT is a well-built, low wattage device you can take everywhere. It is a straightforward and easy device to use. The MINIFIT offers great vapor production and amazing flavor. Find it in three low key colors. Pick up one today at CSVAPE and don’t forget to purchase a few pods for yourself to easily change flavors when you want to.