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SMOK TF12 Prince Tank


tfv12 prince

Cloud Beast Had A Baby!

The Tfv12 series has gone through a slight transformation as Smok has created the Tfv12 prince tank. The tfv12 prince is what Smok is calling the “baby of the super powerful cloud beast king.” It still maintains an excellent amount of power, but this sub ohm tank was made for daily use. The Tfv12 prince tank kit includes the prince tank, three of Smok’s newest modulated coils: the Prince Q4, the X6 and the T10, a user manual and spare parts. The Smok Tfv12 prince is also available in eighteen different colors. The Tfv12 prince will easily transform your vaping experience do to its’ incredible innovative design.


Tfv12 Prince Tank Coils

Smok ensures that all three coils can produce extreme clouds and amazing flavor! Smok tfv12 strip coil is a new type of coil for Smok that is made of Kanthal and has an innovative heating membrane that is designed to be porous, so that it evenly heats the e-juice and increases heat time. The strip coil found in the Tfv12 also easily loads higher power and avoids too much heat accumulation, therefore lessening corrosion of heating materials. The porous design greatly improves the free energy of the surface and with a combined surface tension and force, it can activate the numerous compounds in the e-juice to create enormous clouds and exceptional flavor. The tfv12 prince mesh coil has a widened heating area, which allows for even heating, more effective e-juice absorption and longer life span.

tfv12 prince tank

Increased Capacity and Colorful Drip Tip Variations

Tfv12 prince also has a newly designed crown-style body with a convex glass tube, which is not traditional in comparison to other tanks. Not only is it convex, but it is a Pyrex glass tube #2. Replacements are available and sold separately. The tfv12 prince has a greatly enlarged e-juice capacity of 8ml. Yes, 8ml! With this size capacity, one does not have to be continuously re-filling all day long and can vape frequently without worry. The tfv12 prince tank specifically uses the Cobra drip tip that will increase airflow. There are several Cobra drip tips you can purchase separately to mix and match. And, Smok also made a glow in the dark Luminous Cobra drip tip in orange and green.