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SMOK Mag Mod 225W

Smok Mag 225w

Smok Leads The Way

Smok is a leader in the vape industry for a reason and the Smok Mag 225w is just another example of how Smok is incredibly innovative and does not fall short in technological research and development. Smok has covered all bases when it comes to the design of the Smok Mag. It has a great deal of amazing design aspects and features that grant a magnificent vaping experience in cloud production and flavor. Any vaper aficionado will enjoy how well constructed and cleverly designed the Smok Mag mod is because it is truly outstanding. Smok calls it the “gun of rambo” and specifically designed the Mag 225w to be shaped just as ergonomically as a gun handle. When you hold it in your hand, it will feel like a real handgun.


Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Smok Mag 225w is meant for durability and longevity as it is constructed of an alloy blend consisting of chromium, aluminum, zinc and copper. The Smok Mag is built to be reliable and has the ability to withstand heavy usage. It is unyielding to wear and tear. The Smok Mag mod has the company’s most advanced microprocessor that offers an extraordinary range of features that will satisfy all essential vaping requirements. The variable wattage functionality can be easily accessed on the face of the device and reduced to as low as 6w or increased to a maximum of 225w. Within this power range, the user is ready to use the Smok Mag with any type of resistance atomizer that is preferred. One can simply adjust the temperature settings easily, as well, to control coil temperature, so you can enjoy warmer or cooler hits and avoid dry or burnt hits.

smok mag mod

Lock And Load

The Smok Mag Mod is designed to be like that of a gun handle, so Smok integrated an ingenious design that they coined as “lock and load” battery installation. They even boast that this feature offers the same audible sound that a handgun makes when the magazine is released from the handle. The Smok Mag Mod has a flower shaped button used specifically for the battery installation located on the left side of the mod near the firing button, that is also designed to be similar to the trigger of a gun. Press this flower shaped button and the battery casing pops out. Once the batteries are placed inside, the user can pop the case back in and the Smok Mag 225w is ready for action. It is an incredibly creative design and if you are a vaper and gun aficionado, then the Smok Mag mod is unquestionably the device for you!