smok mag kit

Smok Mag Starter Kit


smok mag starter kit

Unfathomable Value

CSVAPE is always concentrated on supplying the best quality vape products at the most affordable prices and that is why the Smok Mag Kit is a bestseller among our enormous collection of devices. The Smok Mag Kit is simply a wise investment that will certainly maximize the bang for your buck! The Mag Kit includes: the Mag mod, a TFV12 Prince tank, V12 Prince Q4 and T10 coils, replacement glass tube, a USB cable, user manual, a screwdriver and other spare parts. A screwdriver is included in the Smok Mag kit for users to be able to tighten the flower shaped button that Smok has included in the Mag mod design to release the battery casing for battery installation. The Smok Mag Kit is the “gun of rambo” and specifically designed to be shaped just as ergonomically as a gun handle. When you hold it in your hand, it will feel like a real handgun.


An Indestructible Kit

The Smok Mag Kit is meant for durability and longevity as it is constructed of an alloy blend consisting of chromium, aluminum, zinc and copper. The Smok Mag Kit is built to be reliable and has the ability to withstand heavy usage. It is unyielding to wear and tear. The Smok Mag mod has the company’s most advanced microprocessor that offers an extraordinary range of features that will satisfy all essential vaping requirements. The variable wattage functionality can be easily accessed on the face of the device and reduced to as low as 6w or increased to a maximum of 225w. Within this power range, the user is ready to use the Smok Mag with any type of resistance atomizer that is preferred. One can simply adjust the temperature settings easily, as well, to control coil temperature, so you can enjoy warmer or cooler hits and avoid dry or burnt hits. The Smog Mag Kit is a device that has upgradeable firmware and can always be up to date with all the most recent technologies. Users can plug the Smok Mag Kit into their computer and simply visit the Smok website to download the latest firmware updates. This will ensure your device is always up to date with improvements, has the best features, and fix any bugs.

smok mag kit 225W

The Cloud Beast Prince

The Smok Mag Kit comes with a TFV12 Prince tank. The Cloud Beast Prince is what Smok is calling the “baby of the super powerful cloud beast king.” It still maintains an excellent amount of power, but this sub ohm tank was made for daily use. The Prince tank has a greatly enlarged e-juice capacity of 8ml and a newly designed crown-style body with a convex glass tube, which is not traditional in comparison to other tanks. Not only is it convex, but it is a Pyrex glass tube #2. Replacements are available and sold separately. The Prince tank specifically uses the Cobra drip tip that will increase airflow. There are several Cobra drip tips you can purchase separately to mix and match. And, the Smok Mag Kit can also be used with the glow in the dark Luminous Cobra drip tip that is sold in orange and green colors. The Smok Mag Kit is extremely versatile and with the addition of the Prince tank there is even more versatility in that it is compatible with five different cores: the Prince Q4, Prince T10, Prince X6, Prince M4 and the Prince RBA.