Folks are raving about the Phix Kit being the JUUL killer. Some features the PHIX has absolutely proves that point. The PHIX not only has larger pods, it still maintains the same nicotine salt base level of 5% (50mg), has a larger battery capacity, and much more affordable than the JUUL. MLV who is the manufacturer of the PHIX took their time on designing something customers would love in a small package.

Comparing the two together, the JUUL has a 200mAh battery compared to the PHIX’s 280mAh. The JUUL as 0.7mL pods compared to the PHIX’s 1.5mL pods, plus the PHIX seems to charge much faster considering it has a larger battery which is a favorite for most!

Phix: The Alternative to JUUL


The PHIX is also designed to attach pods to the battery via magnets, much more simple design compared to the JUUL which has periodic issues with the “clip” mechanism malfunctioning and pods not fitting in flush causing misfires. If you are someone in search of a slipstream pod system similar to the JUUL but designed with features to give you less hassle, the PHIX is definitely something to consider purchasing!