Suorin has built an excellent reputation for themselves with their creatively designed refillable pod systems. They have set the bar high to provide quality constructed reliable products that are extremely portable, produce ample vapor and keep a steady charge to keep you going all day long. That being said, we want to compare the Suorin Air in contrast to the Suorin Vagon. Both are quality pod systems, but all of us have particular preferences and needs that absolutely must be met.

We will begin with the Suorin Air pod system :-




  • Max Power: 15W / 1.2Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Height/Width/Length: 86 x 43 x 8
  • Net Weight: 36g
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml


What’s Inside The Box:


Everyone seems to get into the subject matter of packaging. I will save you some time and spare you too much detail. I will say everything is neatly packaged, directions, USB cable for charging and the device itself.

 It does noT come with juice, so you will need to make that purchase at the time you purchase the device to be able to start vaping right away. The Air comes fully charged right out of the box, so all you have to do is grab some juice and get set to prime the atomizer.


Design Quality:


The Suorin Air is incredibly light weighing in at 36g with a completely filled pod. It feels smooth, soft to the touch and is easy to hold. Despite the fact that it is so light, it still feels pretty sturdy and well put together. It has three small airflow openings inside the device near the battery contact points. The pod itself is well constructed, easy to remove from the battery and secure back into place. It has a rubber latch that opens to a wide fill port and secures firmly after filling. After using the Air for a month with the same pod, I did not experience very much leakage, just some residual moisture, which is normal for any pod system.


Battery Life:


The battery is verified to be charged 300 times when the Suorin Air is used properly. With a full charge, the battery would last a few days before I could feel legitimate loss of power and less vapor production with each subsequent hit. It really is dependent on your usage and how you care for it. The Air has a battery life indicator on the lower left side near the Off/On switch and is activated with each draw. It charges rather quickly in about 30 to 40 minutes.




The Suorin Air is an on-draw mouth to lung device and is a good choice for those who are looking for a similar experience as smoking. It has a tight draw from a tiny slit in the corner of the top of the pod. It is easy to get good hits with great vapor production and exceptionally satisfying throat hits. The Air definitely gives you a delicious full-flavored experience that is perfect for people on the move all day.



Now for the Suorin Vagon pod system : -




  • Max Power: 16w / 1.3Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 430mAh
  • Height/Width/Length: 105 x 20 x 15
  • Net Weight: 54g
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml


What’s Inside The Box


As previously stated with the Air, Sourin’s packaging is standard. Inside you will find the device with warranty card, troubleshooting sheet and USB charging cable. E-liquid is not included, so you will need to purchase some, if you

do not have any. The Suorin Vagon comes fully charged right out of the box, so all you have to do is grab some juice, get set to prime the atomizer and vape it up after it is properly soaked.


Design Quality


When I saw the Suorin Vagon, I thought well here we go another pen like device. But, then I pulled it out of the package and I instantly was surprised. As I held it in my hand it was instantly clear that Suorin was not playing around when they designed the Vagon. It feels like a super solid device and does weigh slightly more at 54g with a fully filled pod. It is sleek and has a curvy design that fits perfectly in your hand, yet it is nice and slender for portability. Suorin included in the design a cool clip to ensure it doesn’t slip out of your pocket unexpectedly.

The pod is easy to remove and replace after filling. It connects with two contact points to the battery and does not feel loose or flimsy. Fill port is very wide and covered by a rubber latch that almost sits flush with the base of the pod. The pod feels just as sturdy as the battery. It took no time at all to prime and get it ready for vaping.


Battery Life


The battery for the Suorin Vagon is slightly larger with a 430mAh capacity and is designed to be charged 600 times. When fully charged this battery will last two to three days without noticeably losing power for cloud production. Again with battery life, one must take usage and maintenance into consideration. Suorin has included a battery life indicator on the front of the device in the shape of a V. Fully charged it will flash in green, blue indicates 70-30% battery life and red is 30% or below.




The Vagon is also an on-draw mouth to lung device and is a good choice for those making the transition from smoking to vaping. It does create a good amount of vapor, is satisfying and will give you an overall pleasurable vaping experience. The Suorin Vagon is just really easy to draw from and the flavor out of this pod is great right from the start.



Conclusions - Suorin Vagon vs Air


Both the Air and the Vagon are small and stealthy, have low output and can be used with a variety of e-liquid from high nicotine salts to nicotine free e-liquids and freebase e-juice. They weigh almost nothing, fit in any pocket and travel well. Pods are easy to prime, refill, they don’t really leak and are quite easy to maintain. The Air seems as if it is able to give greater throat hits while the SuorinVagon will give slight amounts of spit back, but not overly so like the old Aspire Breeze. But, cloud production is great on both systems and is quite satisfying.


Battery life is great on both systems and they both charge quickly. Sourin recommends that the battery should be completely drained before charging fully for the first time, so that one can get significant longer life from it. On average, I would always get at least two days before I would need to really charge it and even when it was dying it would still give decent hits.


What it’s really going to come down to between the Suorin Air vs Vagon is shape and price. If you prefer the extreme slender credit card look, then the Air is for you. If you dig the pen like shape, a little more ergonomic, then the Vagon is the one for you. To be honest, both taste great, give you an awesome throat hit and are dependable systems. Being that they are both reasonably priced, you can’t really go wrong with either one.