Salt Devices

When it comes to choosing our low wattage devices for salt based liquids, we at CSVAPE don’t take our decision making very lightly. If we’re not happy with the basic features like longevity, performance, flavor and ease of use, then we know that you certainly will not be happy. And, we simply cannot abide dissatisfaction. We absolutely always want the best for our customers and we have tested a fair amount of devices. Therefore, we have created a top 5 list based off of our preferred features, experiences, price point and of course, your feedback.

And, yes, it’s a list of five. However, the list does Not denote that one is better than the other. They’re all great and everyone here appreciates them for different reasons, but we all agree that each device on the list is LEGIT.

It’s a list indicating you simply just cannot go wrong with these pod systems based on the following rational:

1. Incredible value

2. Ease of use

3. Durability

4. Slimness

5. Stealthiness

6. Long battery life

7. Quick Charging

8. Amazing flavor

9. Solid throat hits

10. Ultimate satisfaction

Without further ado, we present to you CSVAPE’s top 5 picks for salt nicotine devices!

Sourin Air V2


Price: $17.50
Ejuice Capacity: 2ml refill capacity
Battery: 400mAh
Max Output: 16w

Where to get it? Buy Suorin Air V2

Smok Rolo

Price: $20.00
Ejuice Capacity: 2ml refill capacity (kit comes with 2 refillable pods)
Battery: 250mAh
Max Output: 10-16w

Where to get it? Buy Smok Rolo

Suorin Vagon

Price: $22.50
Ejuice Capacity: 2ml refill capacity
Battery: 430mAh
Max Output: 12w

Where to get it? Buy Suorin Vagon

Vapeccino Mate 1

Price: $25.95
Ejuice Capacity: 1.5ml refill capacity
Battery: 410mAh
Coil: 1.0Ω (Salt Nicotine) or 1.5Ω (Freebase) pod options

Where to get it? Buy Vapeccino Mate 1

Voopoo Panda

Price: $35.00
Ejuice Capacity: 5ml refill capacity
Battery: 1100mAh
Coil: 0.8Ω (Salt Nicotine) or 1.2Ω (Freebase) pod options
Max Output: 8w or 12w (Dependent on pod)

Where to get it? Buy VooPoo Panda