Vaping is fun, we enjoy the flavors, the satisfaction and the devices that are ever changing to make vaping even more fun that it already is. Plus, we all feel grateful for having made a change in our lives so successfully. We feel healthier, ready to lead a great active lifestyle and all is good! But, we all need to continue to work together to ensure that a vaping lifestyle is taken seriously to build a positive reputation for the industry to live long and prosper.

How can I possibly assist in such a daunting task, you may ask? It is as simple as one person being polite to someone or helping society in some small way you choose, whatever it may be. We as vapors can pitch in with the way we decide to conduct ourselves when it comes to vaping. We at CSVAPE have developed a basic Vaper Code and appreciate you all for doing your part to empower yourself and all the rest of us to show the world that vaping is here to stay!


Vaper Code #1: Respect

In any social situation, make a good impression and always ask for permission to vape in the presence of others, whether it be in someone’s home, vehicle or public places. If they say they don’t care, then vape away, but if someone is bothered by the vapor, simply find a more suitable place to vape. Enough said.

Vaper Code #2: Act with Integrity

Be mindful of public spaces. Stealth vaping is definitely frowned upon. This means planes, trains, buses, elevators, restaurants, theaters, bars etc. You get the picture. Anywhere you might be blowing vapor in someone’s face and where it is clearly not allowed. Just be patient, vape when you can and follow the rules.

Vaper Code #3: Be a Source of Inspiration

When vaping and a non-smoker or smoker makes a disparaging comment towards you or about vaping don’t be offended. They obviously are misinformed, so play it cooler than the coolest nebula in the galaxy (the Boomerang nebula, in case you were wondering). Just stay calm, avoid frustration and just fill them up with real facts. That is, if they wish to hear it. The key is always to inform and educate, so they can understand your journey and maybe the smoker will be interested to make the switch. If not, that’s okay too. Just refer back to vaper code #1 and give them respect and maybe they’ll learn to not be so judgemental.

Want to add to the Vaper Code? Tell us what you think and if it’s legit, we’ll add it to our Code!

So, give us a shout out below. CSVAPE wants to hear your thoughts!