Doge X2 RDA by Congrevape

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The Doge Xv2 Is here! This crossover RDA is the second iteration of the Doge X line of RDA's. Congrevape has gone and increased the air injection to 2mm over the Doge v2's standard 1mm. They've also added a stepped airflow control system, allowing each air hole to be closed off one at a time.

Product Features:
  • 9 air holes per side, 18 total.
  • Dual air in only, no single mode option.
  • Air inlets graduate larger to smaller to pull more air from the bottom up through the coil.
  • Integrated watchface design of the Doge V2
  • 3mm post holes
  • C110 Copper Center Post and Contact Screws
  • Stainless Steel Center post and Contact Screws (in parts bag)
  • Japanese Peek isolators, one set installed (one set in parts bag)
  • All new box artwork, the doge x is an alternate universe and breaks from our artwork timeline.

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