Fogg Disposable Pod System, 3pk

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The all new FOGG with air-tight packaging ensures the safety of the device while preserving the juice and battery at optimum levels. Equipped with a protective cover, the device itself is sleeker than before, much easier to hold! A larger box for packaging allows for ease of access. Vaping FOGG is so much more convenient, there's no refilling, no gimmicks; just pop it open and enjoy an enthralling vaping experience. FOGG now comes in 14 mouthwatering flavors of Secret Sauce, Cloud Breakers and recently added flavors of Solace and Pod Juice. The strength variation of 50 mg and 55 mg has increased the vaping experience. FOGG pod devices carry 1.2ML of E-liquid, come in packs of 3; each pod delivering up to 300 puffs, ultimately making them disposable.

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