Naked 100 Triple Strawberry (Strawberry)

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Bottle Size: 60ml
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Triple Strawberry brings you the sweetness of your favorite soft bubble gum but also adds their own twist with fresh strawberries to keep your taste buds wanting more! This flavor is one of those flavors you treat your coils with if you are looking to have an adventure, looking to escape what you always have in your vape, or just looking for something different! Super light on your coils, so you can enjoy the full flavor with each inhale and exhale. Naked 100 has perfected the profile so you get the sweet strawberry on the inhale, and fresh bubble gum on the exhale. Ever tried a bubble gum flavor that tasted completely different from what you’ve read about? Triple Strawberry brings you exactly what it says! VG/PG ratio is the most favorite 70/30 so whether you’re looking to flavor chase or cloud chase at your local competition, Triple Strawberry can give you the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, especially if you’ve never tried a delicious bubble gum flavor before, pick up a bottle of Naked 100 Triple Strawberry Candy for yourself and enjoy your new all-day-vape!

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