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The new Apples flavor by Royal represents the definition red and green apple infused shisha. Simulating your favorite hookah flavor. If you're a fan of Granny Smith apples, but also love Washington apples, this flavor gives you the best of both worlds! Bottle size will play a roll as well, believe it or not! 60ml is the perfect amount of juice to be able to last you if you’re out and about with friends and family. Do you vape at higher wattage levels? Not a problem here with the perfect VG/PG ratio of 70/30, it has the perfect viscosity to handle both low and high wattage set devices. Since it is a fruit flavor, you really don’t have to worry too much about it killing your coils too fast! Perfect isn’t it!? Fruit flavors are a lot lighter on them.Apple flavors have been something fellow vapers have been after for quite sometime, but it’s hard to find one that will be labeled as an accurate shisha flavor! Hope you are willing to try something new. Definitely pick up a bottle for yourself and enjoy the new Apples flavor by Royal!

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