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Royals Grapes is a one of those flavors that most vapers may not see often. Bringing you another incredible option of your favorite shisha flavor. Giving you the crisp, juicy and delicious Green Grape flavor no one can pass up. Knowing how tasty green grapes are, Royal wanted to bring the hookah flavor profiles to the vaping world! It’s not easy to find such a unique standalone flavor, and have it be as accurate as the description!Royal Grapes not only gives you the sweet green grape flavor, they also replicated the green grapes still being on the vine. One of the great things about this flavor is its light on your coils, it can handle both high and low wattage settings on our device, and still deliver you a substantial amount of vapor. Flavor is consistent throughout the inhale and exhale so you never miss a beat. Royal Grapes, along with its partner Royal Apples give you options on which direction you want to go. Sweet and tangy on the apple, or all kinds of sweet with the grapes! If you’re in the market for a delicious hookah flavor, or you may have had a grape flavor before but willing to try a different style?Definitely pick up a bottle for yourself and enjoy the new Grape flavor by Royal!

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