Sinbad Vapors, Trinity 3.5% Disposable 3 Pack

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The Trinity disposable by Sinbad Vapors contains 3 units per pack. This 3 pack has a total of 3.6ml of juice per pack with 1.2ml per device. Has a nicotine level of 35mg. Comes in many flavors:

  1. Amber (Chilled Tangy Lemon Watermelon)

  2. Amethyst (Grapefruit Cranberry Cream)

  3. Chocolate (Rich Chocolate and Tobacco)

  4. Citrine (Pineapple Berry Mango)

  5. Emerald (Melon Trio Mix)

  6. Fuchsia (Cherry Almond Cream Tobacco)

  7. Garnet (Icy Strawberry Watermelon Fruit Mix)

  8. Mystic (Pink Lemonade Grapefruit)

  9. Onyx (Watermelon Berry and Black Currant)

  10. Opal (Tootie Fruity Candy Mix)

  11. Peridot (Key Lime Macaroon)

  12. Quartz (Strawberry Lemonade)

  13. Ruby (Creamy Kiwi Berry Apple)

  14. Sapphire (Berries and Cream)

  15. Topaz (Banana Nut Bread)

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