Most vapers may already be aware of this development which is, that one of the newest closed pod systems has recently been released – the BO Vaping Kit. Originally designed in France, BO vaping wanted to bring something unique to the market to show consumers another option they can choose from to help switch the habit of smoking cigarettes. And it’s just incredible! Why should it not be, when its coming from Europe, the native land where electronic cigarettes were first invented over 50 years ago! Here we are going to discuss how these types of devices are adding the cherry on top in the vaping community.


For some users, this may be a life-changing event. Why so? Because this is a device that doesn’t require the push of any buttons and is completely operational just by drawing from it. This device utilizes the incredible Nicotine Salt-based ejuices to allow users in getting their nicotine fix quickly, thereby, doing away with the harshness of high level free-base nicotine. These devices are equipped to display with the percentage of nicotine levels instead of milligrams. But it is still easy to convert it into milligrams if you are ever curious. The BO Vaping Kit specifically comes with 3.5% nicotine in each of its “BO Cap”. This 3.5% level directly translates into 35mg, giving the consumer the perfect amount of nicotine to quickly satisfy their cravings.

You will also see other close pod systems ranging up to 5% nicotine, but with this kit, if the user wants to start off slow they absolutely can!

One thing that gets users turned away from using vaping kits even after they purchase a device, is the fact that it’s too much of a transition so they feel more comfortable just lighting up a cigarette. Having easy to use kits such as the BO allows consumers to feel less intimidated with making the switch. The BO Vaping kit is simple, draw activated, portable, with built-in battery, pre-filled juice, ready to use out of the box. The reason why this is the future of vaping is simply due to the fact that this has the most innovative design, it uses state-of-the-art technology, and last but not the least is its simplicity. Helping users switch the habit will be a lot easier without the hassle of multiple parts! So, get your hands on the BO vaping kit from an online vapor store and rediscover healthy smoking with tech-driven vaping!