E-cig battery may make you skeptical about purchasing one since, the safety aspect of batteries isn’t really covered much on the internet or by even by many e liquid suppliers. But worry not, as we are here to help you better understand the safety tips we like transparency in deals as much as the next guy would!

When purchasing a battery, always determine if it’s the perfectly compatible for your specific device. All batteries have different limitations and capacities that will help you decide on which is the best fit.


You want to look for the mAh (milliamp/hr) and amperage limit. Depending on if you’re using an unregulated or regulated mod, these specifications have to be respected so the battery isn’t overworked which can lead to failure. Ideally, you want to always look for a good balance of mAh and Amp limit. However, don’t be fooled by the labels. Accurately the higher the mAh, the lower the Amp limit is and the lower the mAh the higher the Amp limit. Example: 3500mAh 45A would be false advertisement. 3000mAh 20-30A is more realistic.

Understanding Ohms Law will help keep your batteries safe, especially if you are using any kind of unregulated device where there is no circuitry to warn you when there is a problem. Batteries can fail one of two ways, either they can completely stop working (dead cell) or they can vent which will release sparks, gasses, and battery acid.

Storing your batteries is ultimately the most important of all. Users will sometimes make the mistake of storing them in their pockets with loose change or keys. Understanding the construction of a battery will help you tremendously in this case. Knowing that the positive point is double insolated due to the fact that it can be shorted just at that point alone. If a coin or key were to wedge itself into the positive point area, it will cause the battery to short circuit, without anything connecting to the “negative point”. Always keep your batteries in a battery box, away from metal objects.

So, in conclusion, knowing and understanding how these batteries work is elemental information when looking buy e cigarettes online. Improper use of these batteries and others alike can lead to severe injury. Please keep your batteries in a battery box when not in use!


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