The new Mate1 brings a whole new way of enjoying a portable pod system. It has a new and improved coil type known as the Golden Core Tech (GCT). Vapeccino has created this coil out of gold, as the name states and claims this increases the lifespan of the pod for a longer lasting vaping experience. Unlike traditional Kanthal wire, the GCT coil is resistant to ejuice carbides that in time glue themselves to the coil. For this reason, pod replacements are not needed as often, and flavor will stay consistent throughout usage.

This kit includes two different types of pods to meet the comfort level of the user. A MTL (mouth-to-lung) and a DL (direct lung). These pods range in resistance between 1.0Ω-3.0Ω and have different sized air intakes, which delivers a distinctive feel for each pod type. The battery box has the ability to identify resistance of the dual atomizers automatically, so you can appreciate two different kinds of vapor production with one system. The Mate1 pod technology features an integrated splash proof guard to prevent ejuice spit back and assures proper vapor delivery every time. The pods have a side-to bottom airflow, which is designed to help with cooling, creates less condensation and assures greater vapor production. For Vapers who enjoy MTL style vaping, the preferred pod will be the one with a blue silicone fill-hole cover. This type of pod is ideal for Vapers who are fresh off of analog cigarettes and want the true feeling of a drag. The DL pod will be preferred by Vapers who enjoy an airier draw with more vapor production. This pod has a clear silicone fill-hole cover, so you guys know the difference between them.


vapeccino mate1 starter kit

The Mate1 an internal 410mAh battery, which can be charged via micro USB. Its’ patented vCharge technology allows it to be fully charged in only 25 minutes and standby time is just as impressive as they boast 56 days or 165 vaping puffs. This device has a green, yellow, and red LED to show battery level along with an intelligent vibration indicator that specifies battery life, as well. They also included a vibration indicator to prove pod connection is good when charging. From our understanding, this is pretty new tech because no other slim pod system out in the market has integrated this type of notification feature! The Mate1 is designed with eight protections for Vaper safety that includes over voltage, under voltage, overload, automatic shutdown protection from poor operation, zero watt charging protection, ultra-high temperature charging and discharging, short circuit, and an 8 second auto cutoff. Safety definitely matters to Vapeccino!

Vapeccino is offering a very unique and innovative style with the Mate1 and has hit the market with absolute confidence! If you’re considering an upgrade from the slim pod system you currently have, the Mate1 is an excellent candidate to try out. The Mate1 comes in two color options, Legend Black and Eagle Grey. Check out one for yourself and enjoy the pure flavor from this new pod system design.

Let us know what you think of the Mate1? We’d love to help you out too, so if you have any questions about the specs or functions, let us know and we’ll get back to you asap!