Here at Cloudscape, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a bottle, thanks to the guys over at VGOD. So, we’re gonna give you a heads up about our experience vaping the Cubano Silver. We’ll start with the box and then the label on the bottle. Then we’re going to set up our mod’s with fresh cotton and vape some. And, just so you guys know, we were not told by VGOD when this flavor will be released. All we know is that it’s right around the corner. You ready?


vgod cubano silver


I just have to say that over at VGOD Headquarters they are really putting incredible attention into every single little detail in regard to packaging and labels. The box is so beautiful you don’t want to tear it, let alone throw it away. It’s a smooth, soft silver box with VGOD’s classic Day of the Dead Skull brought to the forefront with a textured silvery reflective rise to it. It’s just damn classy. Now for the bottle. The bottle is your typical plastic VGOD bottle of e-juice. The label is smooth, again with the Day of the Dead Skull in reflective silver and white. We’re looking at 3mg nicotine and 30/70 ratio on the PG/VG scale. So, we know for sure we’re about to get some nice dense cloud action. But, I think that might go without saying because we know to always expect superior flavor and thick clouds from VGOD.


So, here it goes! It’s time to drip this! Upon untwisting the bottle and taking a whiff, the aroma is sweet, caramel like. It’s like you could just drizzle it all over vanilla ice cream and eat it! There is honey coming through too. It comes immediately to the forefront. But, let’s drip this. The classic Cubano flavor is there. The tobacco flavor is earthy, kinda nutty and a little spicy. The butteriness is still there too, but it is by far the creamiest vanilla custard out of the three. And, it finishes super solid with like a caramel honey sweetness. Cloud production is awesome. Super dense vapor. It’s smooth and not harsh at all. There’s enough of a good throat hit coming through too. I just have one question: Is VGOD going to make a SaltNic Cubano Silver too?


The Cubano Silver is totally different from the rest. It just doesn’t seem possible, but it is. VGOD totally transformed the Cubano line once again! Honestly, all you guys have to try this! 100%! Are you guys excited for the release of new Cubano Silver from VGOD?