Not only does the Orion DNA Go max out on style, but it is quite the intelligent little pod mod. It is an exquisite looking miniature piece of artwork coming to you from an awesome collaboration between Lost Vape and Evolv. Lost Vape released 3 different styles to choose from that includes Ocean Scallop, Abalone and Carbon Fiber. Within these different styles, there are different colors to choose from depending on your particular preference. But, let’s get down to the what’s really important, the Orion’s technology.

Intelligent Technology In The Orion The Orion DNA Go stands at 93mm high, is 37mm in width, has a 13.5mm depth and weighs 87g. With these measurements, the Orion is pretty slender, tiny and lightweight. It is constructed of stainless steel, so it feels solid and durable for how little it is. The internal battery has a 950mAh capacity that will give out a max wattage of 40w.

The Orion has a DNA G0 chipset, which is the first DNA board to be designed specifically for a pod mod. This enables the Orion to have impressive versatility with variable wattage controls and utilizes BOOST technology. BOOST technology, at the start of the puff, will momentarily increase the start up power output. Lost Vape claims this function will allow the coils to reach a point where they can produce vapor much faster. This in turn will offer instantaneous flavor and vapor production. The Orion includes an onboard programmable multicolored LED as well.

The Orion also incorporates Evolv’s patented Replay that will allow the it to save and repeat a customized puff for consistent preferred flavor and vapor production. This is a huge benefit do to the fact that this setting will help to extend the battery life of the Orion, as well as extend the life span of the pods and who wouldn’t appreciate that? Replay will prevent dry hits, which is also a life saver.

All customizations can be made with Evolv’s EScribe software. With the EScribe software, you can monitor aspects of the user experience. It is rather impressive in the way the software will recognize, monitor and graph out what it is reading including battery function, current, voltage, live and cold ohms, wattage and so much more. It will enable you to make and change settings for the mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) pods, so when the pods are switched, the Orion will automatically adjust to accommodate either pod. Plus, you can save everything it records as far as all the statistics ever read from the device. Evolv’s EScribe software is quite easy to install, user friendly and makes the Orion even more fun to use.

Orion’s Pod And Flavor The Orion refillable pod is made of PC-110 food grade material and has a 2ml capacity. It incorporates stainless steel coils and Japanese organic cotton. There are two pods available in .25Ω for vapor production and .5Ω for greater flavor. Both pods are easy to prime and the flavor is really astounding and we’re not just saying that. It really offers crazy good flavor, no matter if its a salt nicotine e-liquid or traditional e-juice. It’s a win win either way. We at CSVAPE have been quite satisfied with the flavor this miniature device offers.

Lost Vape included an adjustable airflow control just below the small mouthpiece that will support MTL and DTL vaping preferences. The pod has a great wide top fill port covered by a metal screw cap. This design makes the pod incredibly easy to refill with no spillage ever.

The Final Verdict Here’s the catch. The Orion DNA Go does not come with any pods included. You have to purchase them separately, but it is still really worth the money. If you’re looking for a new pod system, the Orion DNA Go is, well, the way to go. With its standard adjustable output firing levels, customizability, upgradeable firmware and incredible flavor, you really cannot go wrong with this pod mod and we at CSVAPE highly recommend you give this pod mod a try! So, don’t wait, order your Orion DNA Go today and don’t forget to load your cart with Orion DNA Go pods to get your vape on asap!