VOOPOO has managed to make a definite mark on the vaping industry in just under two years with a multitude of their devices. The DRAG, in particular, has been their best selling box mod to date despite the increasing popularity of smaller low wattage pod systems for salt nicotine e-liquid. As a result of its prominence in the vaping community, we at CSVAPE thought it deserved acknowledgment as one of the most affordable, durable and multifunctional box mods on the market today. Accordingly, we decided to give you the lowdown on our experience with the DRAG.



The Basics

Just for starters, the DRAG is offered in multiple styles, but regardless of which particular style you prefer, it is the same great box mod that runs off of the same Gene chip with a multitude of settings to make exact adjustments to personalize your vaping experience for increased satisfaction.

It was originally released in carbon fiber, then VOOPOO released a black zinc alloy eco-friendly version with a panel made from multi-colored resin. VOOPOO subsequently released two kit choices, one of which is an exclusive looking DRAG in gold inlay that incorporates their colorful resin panel, in addition to the black zinc alloy version with colorful resin panel. Each kit includes a UFORCE T1 tank with an UFORCE U2 coil. The UFORCE U2 coil is a standard 0.4Ω with a wattage range of 40-80W, but is best at 55-65W.

The DRAG measures out at 90x54x24mm and weighs in at 203.4 grams or 7.17 ounces. The Drag is quite boxy, has some sharp edges, but feels extremely durable due to its construction and weight. It is always best practice to carefully handle your mods, but the DRAG definitely feels sturdy and ready to take a beating.

It has a .91 inch OLED screen with a basic fire button above it and up/down scroll buttons below the screen. It also has a micro USB charge port for charging, firmware upgrades and VOOPOO’s configuration software. On the opposite side of the colorful resin plate, VOOPOO prominently showcases the box mods namesake in large lettering. It can be easily removed by a small slit at the base of the mod. The backside of the plate consists of two substantial magnets to ensure a tight seal. Inside it is clearly labeled for negative and positive battery terminals, and contains a VOOPOO labeled ribbon for easy battery removal.

Upon close examination of the DRAG, it is without a doubt that VOOPOO used quality materials and effectively focused on the construction of this device. It is simplistic, but completely sturdy and will be absolutely dependable for long term use.

Operating The DRAG

The DRAG necessitates two 18650 batteries and operates with VOOPOO’s custom made 32-bit GENE.FAN Gene chip. This Gene chip makes the DRAG smart, fast and able to deliver an absurd amount of variability when it comes to your vaping preferences.The DRAG’s power ranges from 5W-157W, has an input voltage of 3.2V-4.2V and an output voltage of 0V-8.5V. It supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel heating elements. It consists of five modes, Power, Super, Ti, SS and Ni modes. Power Mode will fire atomizers as low as 0.05Ω all the way up to 3.0Ω and TC Mode ranges from 0.05Ω-1.5Ω.

The VooPoo Drag has an impressive instant fire technology and fires almost instantly at a lightening .025 seconds. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Can this be actually true?” And, the answer is yes, it definitely fires up almost immediately without a doubt! We compared it to other box mods like VGOD’s Pro 200 and Elite 200. The Pro 200 fired at +/- 1.3 seconds, while the Elite 200 fired at +/- .77 seconds. And, don’t get us wrong, we without question love the Pro 200 and the Elite 200 because of their amazing functions and features, but when it comes to ramp up time the DRAG is pretty damn fast, hands down.

It is programmed to have intelligent auto recognition of multiple atomizers, will automatically match the output power value and can automatically recommend an optimal voltage for atomizer resistance. So, we used VGOD’s Pro Subtank on the DRAG with a 0.4Ω Shotgun quad coil and filled it with some Cubano Silver. The DRAG instantly detected the new atomizer, auto set power level and we were vaping copious clouds within seconds. It was solid, easy to use and taste was everything we would want in a great tasting vaping experience.

In addition, the DRAG has several security protections to ensure its extreme functionality and safety. With their Configuration Software, you can set how many seconds the DRAG is allowed to fire for deep long pulls at 10 seconds or minimal pulls at 5. Let’s just say, it has so many safety features that the DRAG will never allow unsafe vaping experiences, controls temperatures extremely well and also works towards protecting the batteries from overcharging or discharging with a dedicated lithium battery protection function.

Firmware and Configuration Software

VOOPOO has made upgrading firmware for their Gene chip extremely easy, yet they have not offered an update for the DRAG since April 13th, 2017. They also offer configuration software that allows for certain modifications of your VOOPOO devices, which is nice, but it is still quite limited for today’s application standards. In that respect, it is really easy to use to modify the screen and the settings. Plus, it’s kinda neat to see your computer detect your device automatically.


Nevertheless, everything is there on VOOPOO’s website (www.voopootech.com) under the Support landing page. All you have to do is download everything to your computer and then link the DRAG to your computer using the USB cable provided by VOOPOO and it will detect your device. If you don’t use the correct cable it will not detect the device, as we tried alternate USB cables. So, be sure to hang on to the USB cable that VOOPOO provides.

Some Last Thoughts

Okay, so what do we really think about the VOOPOO DRAG? Granted, this mod is bulky, heavy with dual 18650 batteries and almost jagged at times. The OLED screen is not in color and is on the small side. We experienced the fire button sticking, so good thing for the safety firing limitations. DRAG didn’t include a puff counter, or fancy vibration notifications and it is in no way futuristic looking by any means.

Our lasting impressions of the DRAG is that it is, honestly, a really great mod for the price point. If you’re limited on funds and want something that will last the test of time, the DRAG is your mod! It will deliver a great tasting vaping experience for many types of vaping styles. It may seem complicated due to the mass amount of settings, but it comes with a great instruction manual, so you can learn quite quickly. And even if you’re not interested in complicated settings, the DRAG is smart and will auto set for you.

You can throw any atomizer on it and it will remember up to 4 different atomizers, which is amazing. It has got to be the fastest firing mod on the market today and it has stable power output, which is great for any atomizer to ensure great vapor production and flavor.

We at CSVAPE would definitely recommend the VOOPOO DRAG to anyone looking to make a long-term investment in a dependable mod that is well constructed, can outperform most other mods and has a chip that is 95% stable. So, load up your cart with a DRAG today! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Or feel free to chat with our customer service and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!