Pre-Filled Pod Systems:

A lot of pre-filled pod systems tend to be more convenient for the average consumer since there is little to no maintenance involved. These pod systems are very easy to use and do not require any level of priming to get started. The down side to pre-filled pod systems is that flavor options tend to be limited to a minimal amount of flavor options the manufacturer offers. These systems are designed primarily to deliver an efficient amount of nicotine to the user while simulating the hit of an analog. The most common nicotine levels offered for the pre-filled pod systems are 2.5% (25mg) and 5% (50mg). The type of ejuice in the pre-filled pod systems is known as nicotine salt ejuice. Nicotine salt can reach the bloodstream of the user very quickly, which requires less consumption for a nic fix. Some clever consumers take it upon themselves to modify these pre-fill pods and fill it with their own ejuice. However, this is not recommended due to the fact that modifying the pod will alter the vacuum inside the pod. This could cause the pod to leak resulting in liquid damage within the internal battery housing. If you are in search of a super easy to use pod system that delivers tasty flavors to puff on, check out are the devices listed below!

BO+ Kit

Pod Systems: Which Is The Best For Me?

Refillable Pod Systems:

Refillable pod systems are more versatile due to the fact that there are more ejuice flavor options available. Most consumers will choose this type of pod system for the sole purpose of being able to fill it with their own choice of ejuice. It is recommended to stay consistent with nicotine salt base ejuices as the refillable pod systems are specifically designed for it. The nicotine range options remain the same as the non-refillable pods. Nicotine ranges from 2.5% (25mg) to 5% (50mg) to deliver a super-efficient amount of nicotine with less necessity for consumption. However, a 50/50 VG/PG blend with higher nicotine (6mg or above) will work with the pod systems, as well.

The refillable pod system devices are offered in several shapes and sizes and battery ranges. Since these pod systems are designed to be refilled with your desired nicotine salt base ejuice flavors, there should be no concern regarding disturbance of the internal vacuum. Leaking issues should be quite minimal as long as the pod was primed correctly. These pod systems are also quite simple to setup and to maintain. It is always recommended that the consumer keep a close eye on their pod system to be aware of possible leaks, so the internal battery is not exposed to liquid damage. Here is a list of some refillable pod systems you definitely should check out as well!


Pod Systems: Which Is The Best For Me?

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