Helpful advice on the letters in the coil variable name:

M: Usually refers to coils that are meant for 3.7 volt output devices with no power adjustment.
Q: Usually refers to having a single cylinder housing design.
X: Usually refers to having dual cylinders
T: Usually refers to having multiple cylinders that are half the amount of the following number.


The number at the end of the variable name indicates how many total coils are in the coil head.


SMOK Baby Beast:

The SMOK Baby beast is one of the smallest tanks on the market made by SMOK. This tank accepts a wide variety of coil differences to determine which wattage level meets the comfort of the user. This tank takes Q2 (0.4Ω best between 55-65w), Q2 (0.6Ω best between 30-40w), X4 (0.15Ω best between 45-60w), T6 (0.2Ω best between 70-90w), T8 (0.15Ω best between 60-80w), M2 (0.15Ω best for direct 3.7 volt output meaning devices without power adjustment), and M2 (0.25Ω best for direct 3.7 volt output meaning devices without power adjustment).

SMOK Baby Beast

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SMOK Big Baby Beast:

The great thing about the SMOK Big Baby Beast is that it is compatible with every single coil variation that the original Baby Beast takes! Even the latest Big Baby Beast Light Edition with the LED band at the bottom that illuminates every time you vape on it!

SMOK Big Baby Beast

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SMOK X-Baby Beast Brother:

The SMOK X-Baby Beast Brother has a slightly different coil head design, which makes them native to this tank only despite being of the Baby Beast family. Since the X-Baby Beast Brother has a top air flow design, the coil heads are quite a bit larger than your average baby beast coil. Since the airflow travels around the coil cylinder before it loops down and back upward toward the drip tip, they are rather unique. These are available in Q2 (0.4Ω best between 55-65w), T6 (0.2Ω best between 70-90w), X4 (0.13Ω best between 45-60w) and M2 (0.25Ω best for direct 3.7v output meaning devices without power adjustment)

SMOK X-Baby Beast Brother

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SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast:

The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast is one of the medium sized mid-to-high wattage level tanks created for consumers. For vapers looking for a tank that is bigger and can handle higher wattage than their Baby Beast or Big Baby beast, the Cloud Beast is the right pick. Their coils are native to itself and cannot be used in any previous smaller sized SMOK tank. The coil options are: V8T8 (0.15Ω best between 120-180w), V8Q4 (0.15Ω best between 90-150w), V8T6 (0.2Ω best between 110-160w), V8T10 (0.12Ω best between 130-190w), and V8X4 (0.15Ω best between 80-120w). The TFV8 Cloud Beast has a rebuildable deck that can be used for custom built and installed coils.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast

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SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King:

The SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is one of the largest tanks on the market produced by SMOK. This is the tank that is mostly focused on cloud production rather than flavor amplification. There are coil options that are more ideal for flavor, however their extremely high wattage coils seem to be more focused on cloud production. These coils are native to itself, so they cannot be used in any previous sized SMOK tanks. Their coil options are: V12X4 (0.15Ω best between 100-170w), V12Q4 (0.15Ω best between 90-160w), V12T8 (0.16Ω best between 120-200w), V12T6 (0.17Ω best between 110-150w), V12T12 (0.12Ω best between 130-200w), and their massive V12T14 (0.12Ω best between 120-200w). If cloud chasing is your goal and rebuildables aren’t your style, the SMOK Cloud Beast King is a tank you may want to consider!

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

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SMOK TFV12 Prince:

The SMOK TFV12 Prince tank is the newest addition to the SMOK sub-ohm tank family. It features accessories never seen included in the box when purchased! The Prince tank comes stock with a convex bubble glass for increased ejuice capacity and has a button lock on the swivel top cap for child safety. Since the Prince is part of the TFV12 series, it is known for its performance but has been manufactured in a smaller package. In this version, the coils are native to itself and give the best of both worlds on flavor amplification and cloud production. The Prince tank’s coil options are: V12 Prince M4 (0.17Ω best for direct 3.7 volt output, which means devices without power adjustment), V12 Prince X6 (0.15Ω best between 80-100w), V12 Prince Q4 (0.4Ω best between 60-80w), and their most aggressive V12 Prince T10 (0.12Ω best between 80-110w). This tank works wonders on variable box mods for consumers who enjoy a tank that delivers the best of both worlds in flavor amplification and cloud production!

SMOK TFV12 Prince