SMOK is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry. They are known for their innovative high performance devices that are comprised of intricate technology and creative color schemes. For such an industry giant, customer expectations always run high.


And so when the SMOK Nord pod system started making waves throughout the vaping community we listened up because this may just be the best SMOK pod system yet! So we at CSVAPE did some research and testing to give you a real in depth SMOK Nord vape pod Starter Kit review. Thus prepare yourself for every little detail about the Nord Starter Kit including specifications, how to use the SMOK Nord, opinions on the build quality, battery life and performance.

The SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit


The Nord Starter Kit is meant to be portable and easily fit in your pocket. It measures at 94mm x 30mm with a depth of 18.8mm and weighs in at 80 grams. The Nord is by no means an ultra lightweight pod. It is definitely a legitimately weighty starter kit with a 1100mAh battery capacity, which allows for reliable all day vaping.


With a battery that size, the Nord has enough power to pump out 10 to 15 watts of output with 3.3 to 4.2 volts of input voltage. This enables the Nord to produce a significant amount of vapor for a pod device and makes for a great satisfying vape experience.

The SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit

The Nord Pod has a 3ml capacity and can be used with one of three removable SMOK Nord coils. SMOK provides a 0.6Ω mesh coil for a sub-ohm like vaping experience and a 1.4Ω coil for those who enjoy a mouth to lung vaping experience. This offers a great value to those folks who want to experience two types of vapor delivery methods in case they aren't sure which they prefer yet.  


Plus, SMOK has recently released a third coil option with its Nord 1.4Ω ceramic coil. The ceramic coil is preferred by those who enjoy mouth to lung style vaping. The Nord 1.4Ω ceramic coil offers incredibly pronounced flavor from your preferred e-juice, really decent cloud production and a longer lifespan from the coil.


How Does the SMOK Nord Pod Starter Kit Work?


The SMOK Nord Pod Starter Kit has a single fire button centered on the front of the device. The fire button will also turn the device on or off by clicking it five times very quickly just like a typical box mod. The Nord device comes charged up and ready to go out of the package, but if you want to monitor the battery power you can press the fire button 2 times. The color LED on the button will then either flash green, orange or red for sufficient, medium or low battery power.


The Nord pod has a nice snug fit, but can simply be pulled away from the Nord chassis. The pod has a wide duck-billed design mouthpiece for better comfort and has two airflow notches on both sides of the pod. Below on the base of the pod is an open space where the coil is meant to be placed.

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SMOK Nord vape starter kit-button activated design, large battery capacity, easy to fill 3ml pod at unbeatable price.

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So once you have chosen which coil you will use first, you will want to prime the coil by dropping a few drops of vape juice down through the center and place the coil into the coil chamber by simply a gentle press to fit.


The Nord pod has a side fill port that is covered with a rubber knob. It is a fairly good sized port for a pod of this caliber and is easy to fill with vape juices sold in different sized bottle droppers without spilling. After filling the pod, let it sit for a solid 10 to 15 minutes to properly prime the coil.


You definitely do not want to burn the coil, so trust the process. It will be well worth the wait. And once the coil is good and primed, you will experience amazing flavor and plenty of vapor production.    


SMOK Nord Pod - The Build Quality


The SMOK Nord Starter Kit is really quite a solid build made out of zinc alloy and plastic with a sleek feel to it. Again, it is in no way meant to be an ultra lightweight starter kit as it feels substantially solid. The Nord feels like its ready to take a beating. Once you hold this starter kit in your own hands, you will understand that SMOK built the Nord to be a little more heavy duty than its predecessor, the Smok Novo.

SMOK Nord Pod

The Nord Starter Kit pod has a larger duck billed mouthpiece that flares and is a nice addition to the design. The Nord pod fits tight into the Nord chassis and doesn’t really have any wiggle room, which always denotes a quality build. It’s greatest achievement is that it supports three different Nord coils for a variety of vaping experiences and that type of versatility is what takes a starter kit like the Nord to the next level.   


Battery Life And How To Charge SMOK Nord

Again the Nord has a 1100mAh battery capacity that offers enough power and battery longevity throughout the day. Due to the fact that the Nord is activated with a button, ramp up time seems much faster than what you would experience with an on-draw device, which is nice.

SMOK Nord Pod 1100 mAh

While using the Nord 1.4Ω regular or ceramic coil and vaping steadily throughout the day, the Nord will certainly last a full day, if not longer. If you are using the Nord 0.6Ω mesh coil, it will possibly drain your battery by the end of the day, but it really depends on your vaping habits. The SMOK Nord will charge quickly via micro USB port that can be found at the base of the Nord chassis.   

Which Smok Nord Coil Is Best For Salt Nic E-Liquid

If you prefer salt nicotine e-liquid and mouth to lung vaping then always remember to stick to the 1.4Ω resistance coil. The Nord pod will offer you a more loose, restricted airflow and a warmer vape sensation because of the proximity of your mouth to the vertical coil in the pod.  


If you prefer sub-ohm vaping, the 0.6Ω mesh coil will be the sweet spot for non salt nicotine e-juice. The lower resistance offers a fairly tight draw for satisfying lung hits. Again, it offers a moderately warm vape experience and excellent vapor production from a pod system.


The Nord 1.4Ω ceramic coil is offered by SMOK as a mouth to lung experience, but it seems to work just as well for a great direct to lung vape. It is a higher resistance, so it is possible to vape both salt nic e-liquid with higher levels of nicotine, 50VG/50PG or vape juice with higher lower levels of nicotine and higher VG/PG ratios.    

For more versatility in flavor throughout your day, you will want to shop for a few extra pods to be able to switch flavors more easily. So when you buy your SMOK Nord Starter Kit, definitely put some extra pods in your cart for the ultimate advantage in flavor swapping!  

SMOK Starter Kit Is The Complete Package


SMOK Starter Kit

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Good to hold and use, comfortable on the lips, superb flavor, good choice for new and pro vapers.

Highly impressive vapor production, offers consistent sub-ohm experience, good battery life, fast charging, top-notch versatility, convenient to use, anytime-anytime vaping experience, improved mouth piece and functionality.

SMOK has really done a great job on the design aspects of the Nord Starter Kit and is definitely an improvement over their Novo Starter Kit. They improved the pod itself, the mouthpiece and the overall functionality of the device. It feels incredibly durable, feels weighty enough in your hand and comforting to your lips. The Nord Starter Kit is also very easy to use, it offers plenty of power with quick ramp up, great battery life and overall versatility.

The SMOK Nord coils offer impressive vapor production, excellent flavor and scores really high in performance! Flavor is without a question satisfying with any coil you choose. The sub-ohm experience is consistent with what you would expect even though you can’t adjust the airflow. Overall the Smok Nord Starter Kit is a sound long term investment and an excellent choice for any novice or experienced vaper.

Where To Buy The SMOK Nord Starter Kit


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We hope you have enjoyed this SMOK Nord Kit review! We would love to hear from you, so leave your questions or comments below.

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