Are you wondering where you can buy Suorin’s latest release, the Edge Pod System? The answer is simple. CSVAPE, of course! Afterall, CSVAPE’s main endeavor is to supply you with all the newest and most outstanding vape products on the market for the most affordable prices!

Absolutely we have the Edge Pod System in stock and we’re just as excited about its release as you are. Suorin is well known for their impressive pod systems like the Sourin Air, the Suorin Drop, the Suorin Vagon and the Sourin iShare.

 Suorin Edge Vapor Pod System

And now that Suorin has released the Edge, everyone is curious about the unique design and its performance. We at CSVAPE have tested the Edge pod system out and have to admit that Suorin has definitely done something revolutionary and have designed a very unique vapor pod system.

Suorin Edge Review - What’s So Unique About Suorin Edge Pod?

The two things that are very unique about the Edge Pod System is that Suorin created it with a removable battery and have integrated a relatively new charging system known as USB-C. The Edge comes with two 230mAh batteries that you can trade in and out when the batteries are low or dead.

Having the two batteries allows you to always have a spare that is fully charged do to the fact that while you are using one, the other can be charging on its own in the meantime. And so when the battery you are using dies, it can automatically be switched with the fully charged battery. It really just can’t get any more convenient than that.

The Suorin Edge battery charges quickly in about 30 minutes or less using a USB-C charging cable. Most new electronic devices are moving away from the micro USB charging systems and Suorin has set themselves apart by integrating this new system into the Edge device.

The USB-C charging system is known to be capable of delivering a substantially faster charge than a typical micro USB. Companies like Apple and Google have already integrated the USB-C into their newest laptops and phones, so it is only natural that most companies will continue to follow suit.

Suorin Edge Batteries 230mAh

Suorin Edge Review - But What About Flavor And Performance?

The Edge pod (sold separately) has a 1.5ml capacity and has a special horizontal 1.4Ω coil atomizer with organic cotton. It is designed with a rubber latch that secures the filling port nicely. The pod is easy to fill, does not leak and primes within 10 minutes. The Edge pod supports vaping with your favorite salt nicotine e-liquid or original e-juice.

It has a nice tight draw for mouth to lung aficionados, so you can really get satisfying hits from this pod system. Once the pod is primed, you will not be let down as the Edge pod system offers phenomenal flavor and great vapor production, which everyone has come to expect from a Suorin device. The Edge will have you appreciating your favorite vape juice in no time, guaranteed!

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The Suorin Edge is the latest in vape technology that delivers an awesome vape experience. If you are looking for a new pod system with some new tech that isn’t just gimmicky, then the Edge should definitely be your next purchase.



The Suorin Edge features a remarkable clear marked chassis with distinguishing lines. Alongside this, the pod sports a quick charge replaceable battery making it a vape-on-the go device.

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Again, the Edge pod system comes with two batteries, but does not include pods. So don’t forget to add some pods to your purchase. Having a multitude of pods will be more convenient in the long run as you can have different flavors available to you throughout your day or just to have extras on hand when the life of the coil is exhausted.

Don’t wait to purchase the Edge device and some Edge pods today from CSVAPE, so you can vape your favorite full flavored vape juice with one of the newest and most innovative pod systems in the vape industry!