Some of the greatest squonk boxes have been made from some of the greatest craftsmen. When the squonk boxes were being created around 2009-2011, they were only hand-made and usually followed some sort of pre-order form to be obtained. The price range on these hand-made squonk devices were not very low either, we’re talking anywhere from $120-$500 depending on how labor intensive, customized, or material it was made of. Now that the big manufactures have gotten wind on the convenience of this technology, they are now creating them in mass quantities to allow more consumers to experience them.

Squonk World!

The term “Squonk” is basically another term for “squeeze”, although it’s not an actual word, it’s a vaping term relating to the action taken to make the device function properly. Back then, squonk boxes were mostly used with 801/901 atomizers and cartomizers which were tubular pieces that had a wick on the inner walls and a very small coil at the bottom. This was well before sub-ohm tanks were even thought of, and best believe big huge clouds were not a priority in this time. When the ejuice dried out on the internal wick, the device has an internally mounted ejuice bottle that can be squeezed to push ejuice upward through the hollow contact pin into the cartomizer to “re-wick” itself without the user having to manually saturate it. It was one of the most convenient vape designs in its time, and now they are making a come-back!

Squonk World!


Squonk boxes now days come in an array of different styles, from mechanical, to variable depending on what the consumer prefers. They are all used with RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) for high performance paired with convenience. One thing consumers may not enjoy about RDAs is having to continuously re-drip after so many pulls. Squonk boxes allow for pairing up either the included RDA if it’s a kit, or one of your favorite RDAs as long as they are squonk compatible with a hollow 510 contact pin. RDAs are known for their top tier performance, and the fact that you can have that incredible performance without having to manually drip makes for a very convenient setup. Some examples of RDAs that have squonk compatible 510 pins are the Goon v1.5, Mesh RDA, Bonza RDA, and Athena RDA to name a few.

Squonk devices are a sure thing to check out if you are interested in picking one up to see if it’s something to add to your collection of incredible masterpieces. Being able to control the ejuice flow into the RDA when your cotton goes dry and the bottle removing excess unwanted ejuice when it reforms itself after being squeezed to prevent flooding is amazing!