Stig Disposable Pod Device


The STIG is a miniature, disposable, all-in-one pod system that comes in a pack of three. No recharging or refilling is necessary with the STIG. Rip through the packaging and you are set to start puffing away as it is an on-draw activated device. It comes fully charged with a low wattage battery and a small tank that is all contained in a little plastic covering with a small mouth piece. It is filled with 1.2 ml of 60 mg of SaltNic that is 6% nicotine by volume. It’s a heavy hitter in a petite package, but the STIG is still able to provide a satisfying and flavorful experience. It will be available in 4 flavors that we all know and love! VGOD’s SaltNic line of Cubano, Lush Ice, Mighty Mint and Tropical Mango.


Get a pack and you’re prepared for anything no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. It just so easy because you don’t have to worry about charging it, having USB cables, or refilling e-juice! The STIG is definitely an awesome disposable pod to have with you no matter what your vaping preference may be because you can take this thing anywhere in your pocket, toss a pack in your daypack, overnight pack, luggage, keep it in your car, the club, the beach, ski slopes or you know, wherever it is that you go! The STIG definitely could be used as a supplemental resource for you when you can’t carry your other favorite vaping devices. Due to its’ size it is solid for stealthy situations or when you don’t have a lot of pocket room.


Most of all, if you have a friend out there who is struggling to quit cigs and has been curious to start vaping, but doesn’t want to hassle with learning about all the different kinds of devices available or e-juice, then put a STIG pod in their hand or a pack in their pocket. Show them just how easy and tasty vaping can be and encourage them to switch the habit!



Are you guys excited for the STIG? What flavors would you like to see in a STIG pod?


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