VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton

Have you guys been looking for the latest and greatest in wicking potential for your awesome new vape setup? Well, VGOD is always trying to stay ahead of the game and bring you the absolute best for amazing vape experiences. That is why they teamed up with Native Wicks to bring you the absolute best in cotton! It is homegrown in the USA and is a purely organic Pima cotton blend. It is manufactured in a CGMP certified facility and is guaranteed to be free of any unwanted impurities.

Pima cotton is kind of similar to Japanese cotton in that it resembles the fibers that flow lengthwise that has been found to be the best for wicking. Pima cotton is a blend of fibers that has been carefully straightened and processed to have the most linear cotton fibers as possible. This makes wicking your coils a lot easier and faster, plus it fits nice and just tight enough, so the wick can draw e-juice evenly and more efficiently. VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton has high absorbance that offers intense flavor and is absolutely perfect for both low and high resistance builds.

It is fire resistant too, which means there is no break in time. You can fire up as soon as you change the cotton, never worry about burning it and it will last longer than most other cottons. Plus, VGOD has packaged their Premium Organic Cotton in a roll, so that you can make the most out of it and always snip the perfect size for your builds.

Try VGOD’s Premium Organic Cotton today, so you can take your builds to an all new level and treat your taste buds to the most spot on, clean, incredible flavor you could ever ask for!