When searching for an ejuice that fits your cravings and needs, it can be very difficult to spot an ejuice specifically created for strawberry lovers. We are going to list some of the top 5 strawberry ejuice flavors on the market today to help our fellow vapers out!

Yogi Strawberry Granola:

Yogi has released their new Granola flavors to the market for all to enjoy! For a vaper who is in search of a delicious fresh strawberry flavor but won’t mind a little hint of granola as a foundation, Strawberry Granola is for you! Combining just the right amount of strawberry on the inhale with a sweet granola on the exhale, it makes for an excellent all-day vape!

Yogi Strawberry Granola

Candy King Strawberry Sour Belts:

Candy King knows exactly what to do when it comes to delivering an amazing strawberry candy flavor! They aren’t called Candy King for no reason! Their Strawberry Sour Belts is as spot on as it gets when it comes to needing to find something mouth-watering but not too overwhelming! What’s even better is Candy King also has an ICED version of this flavor for those menthol lovers out there! 100ml chubby gorilla makes for an extremely long lasting vaping experience with this all-day vape!

Candy King Strawberry Sour Belts

Taffy King Strawberry Taffy:

Strawberry Taffy by Taffy King brings a whole new flavor profile to the taffy candy world of vaping. Not only does it give one of the most accurate strawberry taffy profiles on the market, it also maintains its taffy elements from start to finish. Not too sweet, not too tangy, just right for a vaper in search of something simple yet delicious for their next all-day vape! Bottled in a 120ml chubby gorilla for great lasting flavor at an unbeatable price!

Taffy King Strawberry Taffy

Flavor Drips Strawberry Shortcake:

Strawberry Shortcake by Flavor drips gives such a warming foundation of freshly baked shortcake topped off with freshly picked strawberries! Perfect for vapers who crave strawberry dessert flavors and are in search of a go to ejuice! Blending the right ratio of bakery and strawberry fruit is the art of creating something spectacular, and Flavor Drips has perfected just the skills needed! Try a bottle out for your new setup!

Flavor Drips Strawberry Shortcake

Jam Monster Strawberry:

Jam Monster has tapped into something completely different in their plan to bring the market something they’ve never tasted before. Jam Monster Strawberry is a delectably fresh strawberry jam spread on butter toast! To be able to fuse just the right blend of strawberries to mix in with the butter toast, Jam Monster had to perfect their craft! For a rich, fruity, creamy strawberry flavor, Jam Monster Strawberry is a sure pick for most and you can be next! Your new setup is waiting for it!

Flavor Drips Strawberry Shortcake