Consumers are excited on the extreme popularity of the Suorin Air and the Suorin Drop. Many are curious about the primary differences between the two devices and would appreciate knowing how they compare to one another. Several questions have arisen as to which one is better, does one of them out-perform the other or is it simply looks?It is these sorts of questions we will be covering about each one and explaining the main differences between them both, so you can decide which Suorin will fit your lifestyle the best!

Suorin Drop vs Suorin Air: What's the Difference?

Suorin Air:

The Suorin Air was the first of the Suorin family and showed consumers that refillable pod systems are one of the newest trends in the vape community. The Suorin Air is still one of the thinnest and lightest refillable pod systems available. Plus, it makes for quite a convenient setup. It is shaped like a credit card and has a fairly large battery for its size with a 400mAh battery that offers a reasonable amount of battery life in between charging cycles.

Suorin Drop vs Suorin Air: What's the Difference?

The pod is included in the kit and offers a MTL (Mouth to Lung) design to simulate the pull of an analog. Depending on the battery level, the Suorin Air can deliver between 9-16 watts of power to maintain a consistent nicotine transfer for the user. The pod has an ejuice capacity of 2mL with single-side wicking and has been built with a 1.2Ω coil to ensure a smooth and powerful hit.

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Suorin Drop:

The Suorin Drop is the second addition to the Suorin family and has brought in a whole new design and feel to your experience. Manufactured with a slightly heavier body and a completely different look, it has caught the eye of many vapers as it is designed to look like a teardrop. Produced with the same advanced technology and the same excellent quality control, the Suorin Drop does deliver a different feel as it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Suorin Drop vs Suorin Air: What's the Difference?

The pod included in the kit maintains the 2mL ejuice capacity, however it is built with a coil that is between 1.3Ω-1.4Ω for an even smoother hit that delivers a nice nicotine transfer. The battery capacity is a bit smaller at 310mAh due to its body style, but is still able to give similar battery life as the Suorin Air. The higher resistance coil helps regulate power output so the battery can last about the same as the Air. Suorin has integrated a dual chamber system in the Suorin Drop pods to allow the coil to be fed from both sides of the cotton wick.

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Suorin Air vs Drop

Considering that the Suorin Air and Suorin Drop have been designed by Goldreams Technology and manufactured by Foxconn, who is also the manufacturer of Apple iPhones, these devices have received the same treatment in quality control. Both are on-draw activated devices, but the one feature that the Air has that the Drop does not is an on/off switch that will disable the pod from firing. The Drop does not have any buttons at all, just an LED battery indicator.

The hand feel on both the Air and the Drop prove that both are uniquely well designed in that despite how light they really are, there is quality in the construction, as they feel durable. The Air is featherweight at 36 grams with a full pod, while the Drop is somewhat more substantial at around 65 grams with a full pod.

Suorin has made their pods to accommodate either original e-juice or salt nicotine e-liquid for a more versatile vaping experience. They recommend any vape juice between a 70/30 to 60/40 VG/PG ratio. The Pods need to be primed for at least 10 minutes to saturate the cotton wick completely with vape juice so it does not burn. Both the Air pod and the Drop pod offer great flavor once they have been properly primed, they will endure quite a few refills and offer a tight draw for satisfying throat hits.

The major difference between pods is that the Air pod has one fill port covered by a rubber latch while the Drop has two fill ports with two rubber covers. This only means that both rubber covers need to be removed while filling, so that the vape juice gets distributed evenly. Despite that, it is still quite easy to fill as long as you have needle tip e-liquid bottles. Again, both pods are great because they do not leak, they offer a considerable amount of vapor production, give satisfyingly great flavor and have a decent life span.

When you ask, the Suorin Drop vs Air, it is somewhat tough to make a decision between the two just based on the fact that they are two well designed and affordable pod systems. The card like design of the Air might be more desired than the smaller and slightly heavier teardrop style of the Drop. However, the mouthpiece on the Air can be a challenge to find at times if you’re unable to look at the pod by contrast to the Drop, where the mouthpiece is quite obvious without having to look.

We recommend either device if you are looking for a dependable, great tasting pod system for an affordable price. If the Suorin Air matches your style and attire, then we suggest you go with it. If you’re looking for something more uniquely designed to go with your own unique style, then we absolutely recommend the Suorin Drop. The only last decision you will have to make is, which color will you choose?

Order your Suorin Air or Suorin Drop today with a couple extra pods and your favorite e-liquid! We also would love to hear about your experiences with the Suorin Air vs the Suorin Drop, or if you have any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask us any questions in the section below.