Pro 200 Kit

At CSVAPE, we have an incredible selection of vape hardware. We hand pick each device for numerous reasons. Quality is of the utmost importance, so we will only stock the best in the industry. We would not sell any device that we could not stand behind and that is why you will always find VGOD products at CSVAPE. The construction and designs of their devices and e-juice are all built to last, hit hard and are of superior quality ingredients.

Their Pro Series has gone through some kind of amazing high tech metamorphosis. It is experiencing advancements in comfort, style and design. VGOD went with a rugged tactical look for their Pro Mech 2 Kit and revolutionized the design with the TriCon button, released earlier this year. Selling out almost instantly, the Pro Mech 2 astounded many throughout the globe, revived enthusiasm for mechanical mods and is currently in the top 3 best-selling mech mods for 2018.>

In this regard, it is only natural that the Pro Series box mod will follow in the Pro Mech 2’s footsteps. VGOD refreshed and improved their Pro 150 box mod to bring to you the all new Pro 200 Box Mod Kit! The Pro 200 has a fresh new look compared to its’ predecessor, it stands slightly taller, is more powerful and has a lot more diversified functions. It has a sweet tactile look just like the Mech Mod 2, feels super durable and soft due to the rubber grips on the side panels. VGOD also added a larger colorful OLED screen, as well, that allows users to scroll through the settings very easily and clearly. In addition to the Advanced Menu and several screen colors, users can adjust brightness, choose Fahrenheit or Celsius and can factory reset the Pro 200, if they wish.

With an updated Atom V 200B Chip, the Pro 200 Box Mod will fire at a 200w max output and has four fire modes, Wattage, Mech Mode, Pro and Temp Control. VGOD has updated the Temp Control mode to support not only Nickel and Titanium coils, but also Stainless Steel coils in 306 and 314. The VGOD Pro 200 kit really is extremely versatile depending on what kind of mood you’re in and what type of vaping experience you’re looking for from time to time. Which brings us to the kit aspect of the Pro 200. VGOD is including their Pro Sub-Tank with a 0.2Ω Shotgun coil that allows for a wattage range of 30-100w, but performs best at 60w. This Pro Subtank not only looks classy, but is easy to use. It has a twist off delrin cap mouthpiece and has a 5ml capacity pyrex glass tank with built in VGOD Shields inside. The base separates from the tank and gives you easy access to change coils or clean out the tank. Looks like VGOD will offer two coils for this tank, the 0.2Ω Shotgun coil and a 0.4Ω Shotgun coil for users who prefer a more smooth cool vape at a lower wattage setting.

The Pro 200 Kit is the total package if you’re looking for total customization and style without having to build. All you gotta do is prime the coil with your favorite e-juice, fill the tank, customize all the settings and you’re ready to vape on! If you’re looking for a great durable mod that’s easy to use, but versatile in case you want to change it up, then VGOD’s Pro 200 Kit is your golden ticket.