Time is running out to be able to share your sentiments to the FDA regarding the efforts they are making to reduce tobacco usage among youths by addressing how flavors plays a role in introducing tobacco usage. The deadline to make an official comment on the Federal Register is midnight Eastern time at the end of June 19th, which is a Tuesday and not that far away. Everyone who enjoys vaping should absolutely take the time and make the effort to submit their thoughts regarding flavor regulation and a possible impending ban. Sure, flavors will not disappear overnight, but in the years to come it certainly may become more and more difficult to access the flavors you have come to know and love. The amount of flavorful delicious premium e-juice sold today is bountiful and overflowing, but can you imagine a day when there is a limitation to what flavors you will be able to vape? It is literally unimaginable, right?

Well, we cannot allow for this to happen in our beloved nation! This is America last time we checked and it is our right as Citizens of this great Nation to have freedom of choice! We have the opportunity right now to voice our opinion to the Federal Register in this very important matter. We at CSVAPE take pride in having assisted many smokers in making a transition to vaping and in some cases, kicking the habit completely. It is extremely important to us that we have a multitude of flavorful premium e-juices for you to choose from, so that vapers will not be driven back to cigarette use and that you always can enjoy your vaping experience. This is about the e-juice, yes, but it is also about harm reduction and again, freedom of choice.

Yes, of course no one wants to see children with tobacco or vapor products. And, we as a community need to work together to ensure that we help educate them to understand the risks associated with tobacco usage, as well as, to ensure that no one sells products to them. It takes a community right? CSVAPE works diligently to always check ID’s and follow California State Law and not sell to anyone under the age of 21. We understand the FDA’s desire to prevent many generations from addiction. However, that should not detract from adult consumers having freedom of choice. That is why we need to share our stories with the FDA at the Federal Register and explain to them your individual journeys and how vaping flavorful e-liquid has been a positive thing in your life.

Please, go out and inform everyone that you know who vapes to go the Federal Register site and share their opinions in this matter. If you know someone who does not vape, but who has seen a loved one struggle with addiction, yet be able to change their lives for the better with vaping, ask them to also contribute to this ongoing dialogue. We need as many people as possible to speak out because there are many many people out there who are ill informed who will speak out to negatively affect the Vaping Industry for the long term.

So, please, again, do your part and go to the Federal Register and make your opinions matter today before it’s too late! Again, we have until midnight Eastern time at the end of June 19th. Ask your friends and family to, please, do the same, so we can make a difference in so many people’s lives to help them be able to have access to a healthier alternative to smoking.