VGOD’s new Pro Mech 2Kit has finally hit the market and features some key changes sure to keep you on your toes. Let’s start with the new button design because that seems to be the main interest when it comes to this mod. Their newly designed Tri-Con button has 3 points of contact to ensure optical contact with the battery to help prevent arc marks and lack of performance due to misfiring! Of course, we always recommend keeping your batteries clean to be able to get top notch performance, but this button design is focused on delivering conductivity! T


he Pro Mech Kit is called a KIT for a very good reason because VGOD has included an Elite RDA packaged with a set of fused claptons ready to be installed and wicked! We know how incredible the Elite RDA is with its dual post build deck, 9.25mm deep ejuice well, and competition airflow! The Pro Mech 2 adopts the “shirt and pants” style body with removable soft touch Delrin sleeves to add a little style and the ability to accessorize. VGOD maintained the copper construction for maximum conductivity and performance, so it won’t ever let you down!


VGOD’s Pro Mech 2


The original Pro Mech came in multiple options of colors and materials. You had several options that included, white/copper, red/copper, black/copper and black/aluminum. Although aluminum is not as conductive as copper, it was an excellent choice if you wanted to go lightweight! The difference on the original Pro Mech is the body shape and button design. The original Pro Mech had a sleek body style, which in cloud competitions may have been slippery to some users. The Pro Mech 2, with its textured grip “shirt and pants,” gives greater grip for performance. The original Pro Mech also featured a standardized firing button design with 1 big contact, which is absolutely incredible! There was nothing wrong with this design, however, this style of contact does require more maintenance and to be kept cleaned with continuous polishing. If the consumer isn’t a fan of keeping their contact button clean and polished periodically then we definitely recommend you upgrade to the Pro Mech 2, so you won’t have any issues with performance levels.

All in all, they are both very well-designed and enjoyed devices! Which one is your favorite? Check out the new Pro Mech 2 Kit on official VGOD website now and grab yours today!