In the world of vaping, mesh vape coils are the hottest trend. All the major product manufacturers are rushing to add mesh coils to their product lineups.The mesh coils are capable of providing an outstanding vaping experience with modest hardware requirements.

Mesh Coil-

If you are thinking about whether you should try a mesh coil for your current vaping tank, spoiler alert! You should.

If your tank doesn’t have a mesh coil, though, the decision becomes more interesting.

Let’s check out more about what the coils are and how you can make the most of it while vaping.

What Are Mesh Coils?

Despite the name, mesh coils are just a strip of metal with holes punched in them. This maximizes the surface area of the coil and, combined with a thin flat design, minimizing the volume.

The result? A larger interface between coil and e-juice.

The best mesh coils can also be made from stainless steel or kanthal. You can check out TFV12 Prince Dual Mesh 0.2 Replacement Coil. These replacement coils are designed for vapers who can enjoy mid-range to high range level of vaping.

When you look at the mesh coil, you’ll see where it gets the name. Through the opening of a round wire coil, you’ll see the familiar spiral design. 

But when you examine a coil, you see- mesh.

These coils replace the standard wire heating element and use the metallic mesh instead. Also, the simple design change provides many benefits that round wire coils failed to achieve. When talking about mesh coils vs wire, know they differ in various aspects. First, the former comes with a wide contact surface. Second, it absorbs oil effectively, offers saturated flavor and third, has a longer life span. The latter has a limited surface contact, burns unevenly, doesn’t absorb oil. Apart from these, the flavor is also moderate and as a normal lifespan.

So, the wire is nothing that you can vouch for when compared to a mesh coil.

Why Are Mesh Coils Generating So Much Hype?

Before the mesh coils, RDA came along, chasing clouds with a sub-ohm tank was just an exercise in compromise.

If you wanted bigger clouds and best flavor, you needed to put up with poor battery life. However, these coils have generated a stir in the vaping community. Why? Simply because these are the first bona fide cloud chasing coils that don’t require vapers to put up with high power requirements and poor battery life.

In fact, rather than using one or more twisted wire, the coils use a single ribbon of metal mesh rolled into a cylindrical shape.

Even at low wattage, the mesh coil gets up to vaping temperature quicker and produces impressively large and thick vapor clouds with no ramp-up time.

No wonder why most vapers are choosing the best mesh coils to bring about a change to their vaping experience.


What Are The Advantages Of Mesh Coil Tanks?

Mesh Coil Tanks

Using a mesh coil tank, in other words, means that you can chase clouds with the best of them and enjoy bold, rich flavors without investing in a high-priced vaping device.

Great vapor production, low mass - the best part about these coils is that these use their heating area more efficiently than other coils.

Their efficient design adds to the surface area without disturbing the mass- meaning they can work at low-temperature ranges.

In fact, the mesh coils also make vape pens, and small box mods viable options for cloud chasing- something you probably haven’t tried for years.

Excellent vaping experience- when talking about mesh coil vs regular coil, you know the differences. In fact, regular cloud chasing coil doesn’t give an amazing experience like a mesh coil.

The mesh coil doesn’t take long to heat. In fact, they also retain heat for some time after you have released the fire button.

The regular coils also tend to split and pop a lot. But the mesh coil, heat evenly and quickly. These cool down quickly when you are done using it.

Between the even heating and amazing wick to metal contact, the mesh coils operate quietly. 

Moreover, these don’t spit and tend to last longer than regular coils.

How Should You Prime Mesh Coil Properly?

Mesh Coil

Using mesh coils for the first time? Not sure how to proceed? Don’t worry- read on to know more.

Quick Tips To Prime Mesh Coils

  •         - Take the best mesh coils out of the pack.
  •         - Grab the ejuice bottle
  •         - Drip the e-juice slowly through the mesh at the top and within the cotton.
  •         - After a few drops, wait.
  •         - Check the wicking holes properly on the sides, they must be saturated with the juice.
  •         - If they aren’t, continue dripping the e-liquid until they are.


After you prime mesh coil, seal the tank up and fill it up with the e-liquid. You can vape right away, but it’s better to leave it for 5-10 minutes. It would let the cotton soak up more e-juice.

How To Clean Mesh Coils?

Cleaning mesh coils RDA requires practice and you must do it carefully.

 Replaceable coils are of two types- heads for tanks which come encased in a small metal chamber containing an absorbent wick and rebuildable coils, these require you to install and wick.

Now, the approach for cleaning these two types is different.

For cleaning replaceable coil heads, here are the steps to follow.

  • Soak the coil in vinegar for a few hours.
  • Place it under the tap and rinse thoroughly.
  • Rinse again with distilled water.
  • Blow air on the open side of the coil to force water to the wicking holes.
  • Leave it aside until the water has evaporated.

In case of rebuildable coils, remove the wicks from the coil, dry burn the coil. However, don’t let them glow much.

Next, remove the atomizer from the mod and place under flowing water

Brush it lightly with a brush or coil cleaning tool, rinse again. Finally, dry burn to remove water droplets.

These steps follow help you to prime mesh coil easily without any hassle.


Mesh coils are not for vapers who need a hot hit on high wattages. These coils don’t take long to heat and soak a good amount of e-juice. So, the vapers get the pure flavor in every puff.

Thanks a lot for reading. Feel free to share your views on this.


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