Maintaining the leading position, SMOK has been nailing it when it comes to bringing innovation to vaping. Since its product launch, the brand simply continued to flourish, producing some of the finest devices, tanks and more.

Smok Novo Vs Nord kit

SMOK has undoubtedly become the industry’s hit-maker, thereby creating a series including the SMOK Novo and Nord.

Even in the pod-based vaping market, SMOK has carved a name for themselves. They continue to shape a big slice of the vape pie for themselves by innovation and evolution.

Before you decide which one to choose, let us check each of the devices carefully to spot the SMOK Novo and Nord difference.

Nord & Novo Specifications Differences

SMOK Novo Kit

When it comes to luxurious design, you can always count on Novo. In fact, Novo kit is by far one of the extraordinary devices available on the market.

It is an all-in-one vape pod system that features outstanding design elements as well as comes with nice features making it rank high.

You get all of these and at a really small size. The kit stands just 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm that’s very compact compared to other pod devices.

Don’t get carried away by its small size, there are enough surprises when it comes to appearance. The SMOK Novo Pods come with a stunning design using the Cobra plated panels that you get in several finish options.

SMOK Novo Kit

You also need to consider its power. Coming to SMOK Novo battery life, it includes an integrated 450mAh battery that fits into the chassis perfectly. Its power capacity ranges from 10-16W that results in a flawless performance.

You can charge the device using the micro USB charging system and includes several noteworthy safety features that are in-built. After all, who want to get into any trouble when getting the vape groove on, right?

SMOK Novo Kit Now

SMOK Nord Kit

There are many vapers who would probably tell you that the SMOK Nord kit Review has been inspired from the Novo kit, while others would say it is an improvement that has been designed to improve the experience.

No matter what, the Nord kit is an amazingly designed all-in-one vape pod that sports outstanding features. In fact, all of these allow the device to stand out from the competitors.

It stands 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm and it is just a compact device. The device includes an in-built 1100mAh battery. Also, the good battery capacity allows for 10-15W performance based on the present state of the battery.

Unlike, Novo, the SMOK Nord Starter Kit features a single firing button mechanism. This gives you the chance to activate the device when you want and thereby avoid the potential of the device to fire on its own.

Smok nord specifications

The appearance of the device is simply fantastic. It has the Cobra plated panels and comes in various finish options.

Just like the Novo, one of the striking features is the cartridge pod. It offers a 3ml e-juice capacity and a fillable design.

Now, that you have seen each of these two devices, let us have a closer at the SMOK Novo and Nord difference. This would help in the decision-making process.

SMOK Nord Kit Now

Using SMOK Nord

If you have been thinking about how to use SMOK Nord, it is quite easy. Just remove the starter kit from packaging, charge the device, select the coil as per your need. Locate the fill port that’s on the port cartridge. 

Fill the e-juice carefully and allow it to rest for 10 minutes, start vaping.

How Does The SMOK Novo Work?

Operating the Novo by SMOK is easy and so is the device maintenance. Let’s see how SMOK Novo works.

Charging the device- just plug the enclosed MicroUSB charger cable into your Novo and either a USB wall adaptor. It is quite important not to plug into the adaptor that pushes over 1.5 amps.

It includes a vape-while-charging function so even when it’s plugged in, you can use.

Comparison Between Smok Nord & Novo


  • The Resemblance


The incumbent Novo by SMOK is all about simplicity. Also, the attractive appearance carries over to the Nord. In fact, SMOK Nord & Novo sport a wide black mouthpiece and the trademark Cobra skin patterned livery.

The Novo’s round shape, as well as small size, makes it perfect for carrying it in your purse, pocket. Also, the Nord appears like a larger scale Novo, but with the inclusion of a fire button. 

This even adds several layers of functionality but does so without much modifications to its appearance. The SMOK Nord is just a quarter inch wider and longer than its Novo counterpart but weighs twice.

However, the weight difference is not enough to influence the portability for all vapers. There are other things to consider as well in the SMOK Nord vs Novo review. 


  • Smok Novo & Nord Kit Box

    The Nic Salts

Novo is amazing for mouth to lung vaping of regular e-juice. However, this pod system was actually designed with nic salts in mind. 

Now, both Novo, as well as Nord, are credit-stealers in terms of hit quality. But they also provide a different vaping experience. 

The draw activated Novo is actually a tighter device and it doesn’t come with coil options. On the other hand, you have SMOK Nord coils and there are different types available. The 0.6-ohm direct lung mesh coils, 1.4-ohm standard mouth to lung coils comes along with the kit. 

The difference in the draw between the two SMOK devices is detectable. However, both the devices are effective, but if you have a strong preference for anyone, the choice becomes easy. 

For instance, if you like a tight hit and need a device without a fire button, Novo is what you need. Also, Nord is easy to draw and has a large mouthpiece. The SMOK Nord kit review would definitely help you in deciding which device is right for your need. 


So, now you know about smok nord vs smok novo. However, it depends on you which one you want to explore vaping with. Remember both excel in their genre. Shop now the finest vape devices.

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