Ecig Compatibility: What you must know

We all wonder which Ecig is right for us. Usual questions that go through our minds are somewhat like this – Is it going to help me quit? How do I know what level of nicotine I’m going to need? Is it going to be a comfortable switch?

We are here to help you!Giving you some advice on what to look for when it comes to shopping for your first Ecig. We want to make sure you’re spending your money towards a positive change.

Some of the first steps to take before switching the habit and purchasing your first Ecig is doing lots of research. The more you know about the vaping environment, the more likely you will be to be comfortable when walking into a Vape Store. Asking friends who already vape and understand devices will help a lot.

Firstly, determine what style of inhaler you are, if you are more of a mouth-to-lung person you may want to look for a smaller device such as an enclosed system (low air flow). If you inhale straight to the lungs, you may want to look for a larger device designed around increased air flow.

Most first time consumers will go with a low power, restricted airflow device since it simulates pulling on a cigarette. Determining the proper nicotine level depends on what kind of cigarettes you smoke and how many a day. Nicotine levels range from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg depending on the brand.

We recommend you have the employee at the Vape Store determine that for you in person when at the vape store. Once your first vape is purchased, the next step may be the most challenging. Every time a craving for a cigarette arises, grab your Ecig instead of an analog cigarette!

There are many different types of Ecigs out there for all kinds of different consumers, limited only by your imagination! Ecigs that best fit your lifestyle so you can have the best experience imaginable can also be found from online vape supplies. Knowing that quitting is on your mind, making the move will prove to be life changing. And trust us when we say that “You won’t regret switching the habit”!