The notorious ongoing debate between mech mods and regulated box mods is creating a lot of buzz in the vaping industry! It seems it’s a battle consumers will continue to fight until they are out of juice!

Then which one is better? Well that depends on the user!

We are going to be reviewing the differences between a Mech Mod and a Regulated Box Mod in addition to the pros and cons in this post. So, read on!

What is a Mech Mod?

A Mech Mod or (Mechanical Mod) means your device relies specifically on battery charge level to determine power and performance. When the inserted battery is fully charged, it will give full power potential. Once the battery life starts to deplete, a noticeable loss in power happens. There is no circuitry, no micro chips, no capacitors, therefore giving you no adjustment on output. However, having a mech mod allows for less limitations on what types of builds you can put on your RDA/RDTA/RTA. As long as you stay in the safe zone with your batteries, you won’t have any issues. Another plus side is if you enjoy attending cloud competitions, these are perfect! Since, only mech mods are allowed in such gatherings!

Mech Mods Vs. Regulated Box Mods


What is a Regulated Box Mod?

Anytime the term “regulated” is included into the construction of the device, it means you are able to adjust and fine-tune your power output to what’s comfortable for you. Regulated box mods also come in multiple styles when it comes to the battery count. They range anywhere from taking 1 single 18650 battery, to up to 5 18650 batteries depending on the brand. What may put the regulated box mods toward the top is the power level staying consistent from the beginning of the charge till the end.



Here’s an example: when running your device at 75watts, it will maintain to give you 75watts from 100% battery level until the battery is too low to provide enough power. There is little to no power drop unlike the mech mods. So, this is definitely an advantage over the mech mods and a factor worth considering to get your hands on the best e cigarette vaporizer.