vgod berry bomb

VGOD mixologists are always up to mixing flavors non-stop over at the VGOD Headquarters. Naturally they been working hard on delivering another great flavor for their newest series of premium e-juices they’re calling the Bomb Line. The second flavor to be released is a sour strawberry belt flavor called Berry Bomb. Just like the Apple Bomb before it, VGOD mixologists have created Berry Bomb to be candylike because of the sour belt aspect of the e-juice, but didn’t douse it with too much-candied strawberry flavor as the base flavor.

They incorporated a genuinely fresh, deep red strawberry on the top note that gets you started off right. As you pull on the inhale to lung capacity, you notice the hints of the sour strawberry belt coming through as you get that perfect throat hit. On the exhale is when the sugary candied strawberry comes through to round it off and give it the right balance of fresh juicy strawberry and chewy sour strawberry belt candy. VGOD Berry Bomb is perfectly layered with great depth of flavor. It’s best of both worlds, a smooth harmonious union of tart, sweet fruity and sour sugary candy strawberry.

VGOD mixologists made sure, as always, that there is plenty of cloud production with a 70/30 on the VG/PG ratio. It comes in 60ml bottles with a choice of 0, 3, or 6mg nicotine strengths. It’s just another straight forward VGOD e-juice that caters to a full flavored balance of true satisfaction. But, just don’t take our word for it! Come in to CSVAPE and give Berry Bomb a try for yourself at our amazing juice bar. And, if you haven’t already, give Apple Bomb a try too, while you’re at it! Both flavors are tasty and you guys are definitely going to want to pick up both. When you do, try mixing Apple and Berry Bomb together because it is an excellent combo of incredible flavor. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!