Vapeccino: Mate1 Pod System


The Mate1, by Vapeccino, seems to be one of the most innovative pod systems to date with their new Golden Core Tech (GCT) technology. What we all want is for our pods is longevity. We want them to last a long time without having to replace them often! And, Vapeccino know this! They designed their GCT pod with a gold coil that is meant to last a lot longer than the average kanthal by not oxidizing as fast to deliver long-lasting flavor.


The Mate1 also comes with two different refillable pods that allow for two different vaping experiences. One is specifically made for MTL (3.0Ω mouth-to-lung) pulls for that absolute replication of an analog pull and the second pod is designed for DL (1.0Ω direct-lung) pulls for vapers who enjoy a more airy draw on their pod systems. Pod systems are known for being MTL only so they can deliver the similar feel of an analog.


Having a 410mAh battery is massive for a pod system this small, assuring a pretty long lasting performance between charges. Their innovative vibration battery level indicator is something that’s really never been seen before either in a pod system. Not having to look down at your battery level can be quite convenient! Another thing that makes the Mate1 such an incredible device is that the battery fully charges is just 25 minutes! Although the Mate1 may be too small for some users, some find it very portable and enjoy the increased flavor it delivers with their patented GCT pods!

vapeccino-mate1 starter kit




SMOK: Rolo Badge Pod System


SMOK is dabbling into the pod system world now with the release of their new Rolo Badge pod system. It is a device that is definitely eye-catching and has some pretty interesting specs. SMOK is a company that has been taking over the vape community with their innovative and stunning device designs.

The Rolo badge has a pretty powerful circuit board that puts out 16 watts at full charge, which matches the power output of the Suorin Air. SMOK brings a whole new and distinct look to the pod system world with the shield shaped chassis and powerful internals. The battery on the Rolo Badge is a little on the smaller side being 250mAh, which is not too far off from the Suorin Drop that contains a 300mAh battery. The Rolo Badge is designed for performance even when the battery is depleted lower than 50%. It has a step down feature that lowers the wattage to 10, so it can still deliver a sufficient throat kick. The 2ml pod is designed for a MTL type of pull, however its specifically designed to give a strong kick considering the pod resistance is only 1.2Ω.

If you’re looking for a refillable pod system that has a little more size to it, since a lot of us like to feel like we’re holding something, the Rolo Badge just might be something you may be interested in.





KILO: 1K Pod System:


Kilo is a company that has been prominent in the vape industry for years and they are doing an excellent job listening to their customers! The new 1k Pod System released just this year brings a very unique feel and design to the market. Their pods are pre-filled and hold 1.5ml of ejuice. The flavors available for their 1k Pod System are flavors that have never been released in their regular ejuice line for full size vapes. To name a few, you got, Lemon Berry Ice, Dewberry Fruit, and Strawberry to choose from. This definitely shows a completely different side to KILO’s versatility in craftsmanship!

The 1k Pod System has a pretty good size battery clocking in at 360mAh. This is incredible considering how slim the device is. A mid-level power output of 8w makes this pod system comfortable and smooth on every pull. Their choice of nicotine level is pretty unique as well. They decided to go with 4.5% (45mg) just so the flavor is not overridden with harshness. Executed perfectly, in our opinion!

So, if you’re simply in search of a pod system that is ready to go and offers excellent flavors, the 1k Pod System would be ideal for you! You will surely enjoy the convenience of popping in the pod and enjoying your day without having to wait on the priming process like refillables require. These pods, again, are not refillable, so of course should not be modified in any way.

Myle: Ultra-Portable Pod System



The Myle is one of the newest and smallest pod systems that has recently been released to the market. The idea behind the Myle is to deliver a very smooth nicotine hit while offering excellent flavors, as well. If you are a fan of the JUUL, but want to save some money considering the cost of the JUUL has increased, the Myle is an excellent choice!

Their pods are pre-filled and hold 0.9ml of ejuice at 5% (50mg) nicotine level. It has a battery that puts out about 7 watts of power and is fairly large considering the size of the overall device clocking in at 240mAh. Do to the fact that the power output is on the mid-range level, battery life is very favorable to enjoy for a good amount of time. There are currently four flavors for vapers to enjoy that include: Summer Strawberry, Cubano, Tropical Mango, and Mighty Mint. The Myle and its’ pods were designed to be leak proof, so there is less worry on wasting ejuice from leakage and we definitely all know how annoying that can be!

This device charges with a dock style charger and is magnetic to assure a great connection every time when charging. The Myle is available in Black and Silver to fit your taste in style when it comes to color choices. This may be a first pick for most based on sleek design, portable size, leak proof pods, simplicity and best of all, price!

myle pod system starter kit



KADO Stealth Pod System:



The KADO Stealth brings a whole new look to pod system design. It is a super thin pod system that features quite a large battery, but is designed to maintain the mid-level wattage range for a smooth hit from start to finish. The KADO Stealth capitalized on their MTL design, but this may not be a favorite for vapers who enjoy a more loose feeling MTL pod type. This kit has a very tight draw and may only be favored by vapers who absolutely want the same restricted feeling as an analog. This restricted airflow works very well with on this device considering the resistance of the coil inside of the pod is fairly high at 1.5Ω. Due to this, there was no need to include an airy airflow design. The airflow design is actually very unique in the KADO Stealth. Usually airflow is obvious on a lot of other pod systems, however the airflow for this device actually more hidden because it is fed through the USB charging port.


This kit also has a massive 450mAh battery and has a power output of 8 watts, along with a 2ml capacity refillable pod. With a similar coil/wick design as the Suorin Drop, priming these pods seem to be very simple and don’t take very long to become ready to vape! If you’re in search of a pod system with a tighter air draw and smoother hit than many, the KADO stealth may be something you want to look into adding to your collection.

 KADO Stealth Pod System




Well, there you have it folks! That was just a quick look at the newest and hottest pod systems available on the market today. If you have any questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to add to the comments and we will be happy to keep this discussion going! Or come on in to the CSVAPE location and chat with us in person. Either way, we are here to help you guys out in any way we can!