The designers at VGOD Headquarters are doing amazing things with their packaging. We gotta say we love it! The Apple Bomb box has some serious style and is something to admire. You know how it is, when something looks simple, it probably took a deeply concentrated eye to get it right. VGOD definitely got it right! The material of the box feels really soft. Even softer and more smooth than the Cubano Silver packaging that was recently released too. The tactical camo look is appropriate for an e-juice series aptly named Bomb, we think. The Apple Bomb bottle is another Chubby Gorilla bottle with a label following suit with the box, of course. Maybe one day, VGOD will decide to offer glass bottles for their premium e-juice.

vgod apple bomb

We’ve been dripping the Apple bomb samples for maybe two weeks and it has really grown on us. Everyone’s got their favorite flavor profiles and apple isn’t for everyone. I myself am more for tobacco flavored e-juices because I drink coffee all day and it just pairs exceedingly well. But, I wanted to give the Apple Bomb a true tasting. So, I got my VGOD Elite Mech mod out, and changed the coils and the cotton. Gotta do it up right, people! Taking rips of the Apple Bomb, I was pleasantly surprised! Plus, gotta say damn, the Elite Mech mod hits so hard, it blows my mind every time. The flavor coming through is great. At the start, a real green apple flavor comes through with a little tickle in my throat from the sourness. On the exhale, the candy like flavor of sour apple belt really comes through. Apple Bomb is sweet, but it’s not over done, so it doesn’t seem like you’re drowning in sugar. It’s on point and balanced. We received 3mg nic bottles, it hits the spot and really is quite satisfying. I don’t think I could take much more. Apple Bomb is a great addition to VGOD premium e-juice and a good introduction to a new e-juice line!

Okay, and on a little side note for all you white wine lovers! I discovered an incredible match. If you love a good white wine like say, chardonnay, not too sweet or dry, but right in the middle, then you will absolutely need to get VGOD’s Apple Bomb! White wine tastes so undoubtedly pleasant and fresh when paired with hits of Apple Bomb. Just saying, wow! You really have to try this! So, run out, buy yourself a bottle of Apple Bomb and a nice chardonnay and you have a good night, guaranteed!