A new kid on the block that is making several users curious is the – Nicotine Salt mixture ejuice. We are going to help you better understand what nicotine salts are and how they benefit you. Nicotine salts bring a new experience to vaping that may spark your interest starting right now!

Nicotine Salts:

This is a lot different from the standard free-base nicotine that’s used in the premium ejuice you can find in your local vape store. Free-base nicotine can be used in all types of devices, from beginner style low output devices to advanced high power devices. Nicotine Salt base juices are completely different, and are only used in certain types of systems. Nicotine Salt base ejuice brings you the ability to vape a very high nicotine level without a high level of harshness. This type of ejuice is mainly only found in closed pod systems since, it’s only recommended to be used in low power devices. These mentioned devices are smaller and specifically designed with the perfect amount of airflow to simulate the draw of a cigarette. For those who enjoy the head change of the nicotine without the crazy throat kick and harshness, this is the type of setup you need which is also easily available in online vape stores. This formula helps consumers who are wanting to quit cigarettes and keeps thing simple and easy to use.

What makes Nicotine Salts smoother than your average ejuice?

Even at nicotine levels of 30mg and 50mg, these Nicotine Salt mixtures allow for the cationic salts (benzoic acid that is naturally found in tobacco plants, honey, cherries, plums, and several other fruits) to bind with the nicotine molecules to help alleviate the kick to the throat while still delivering the needed transfer. Allowing for manufactures to cater to those who are coming off of multiple packs of potent cigarettes a day. The nicotine transfer is a lot more efficient with these types of ejuice styles. The user will feel the nicotine buzz sooner, preventing the user from having to chain vape. Less chain vaping means less juice consumption, ultimately leading in major money saving!